Yulgang Global (by Longtu Game) IOS Gameplay Video (HD)

App description:

【Fun and Freedom – Your Adventure Begins】
Yulgang is officially back, with a super-cute mobile game packed full of fun!
Relive memories from the happy world of KungFu in beautifully-crafted environments. Experience unforgettable stories and write your own legend!

【Five Classic Classes】
Leveling up multiple classes at the same time and invent your own KungFu Skills!
Five classic classes including Blademaster, Sabre, Physician, Archer, and Lancer! Choose between Justice and Evil! The destiny is in your hand!
Create your own fighting moves and become a KungFu master!

【Collect and Customize Colorful Costumes】
New costumes await! Get ready to travel in style!
Nearly a hundred costume sets with various styles for you to choose from, including classic costumes and heaps of original ones, too!

【A Clash Between Justice and Evil】
Cross-server Force Battles! Help your guild to capture the flag!
The conflict between Justice and Evil has lasted over a thousand years, and it’s never been fiercer than now! Engage in exciting cross-server battles and other PvP modes, including guild World Flag Battles!

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Nguồn: https://iapplestuffs.com/

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