Rowboat the Game Video Tutorial (By Moosetache Games)

Rowboat is the bidding, trick-taking card game where trump changes at every turn! Learn how to play the basics in just 10 minutes!

“Family Card Game Runner-Up”
– 2011 Games Magazine, Games 100

This beautifully designed ocean-themed game is the perfect gift for any game enthusiast. If you like classic card games like Spades, Euchre or Bridge, then you will LOVE Rowboat!

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  • I love this game, and the company is very concerned about customer service. I lost one card out of a set I purchased at gencon and I asked if I could buy single cards and they provided me with a whole new deck of cards! I then bought five new sets of the game to give as gifts to friends and family because I was so impressed with the level of service I received from them. 10/10 I would recommend the game and the company to everyone.

    Benjamin Hall June 26, 2020 3:02 am Reply

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