Pokémon Masters Chapter 17 VS Acerola (F2P Team)

I said I wouldn’t upload Pokémon Masters gameplay; however, this Chapter was annoying. I noticed most videos on this Chapter used overleveled Pokémon. This was barely cleared using a F2P Team with minimal level investments. If want more information on how I did it; let me know and I will help.

Name: Jewlio
Pokémon Masters FC: 8828-5039-4395-0619

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  • My 97 blastoise can’t even beat them

    vRxndom6303 July 4, 2020 7:19 am Reply
  • This, THIS is how you do Pokemon right with voice acting Lame Freak!!! Nintendo took a chance with voices in Breath of the Wild, and it was well recieved! Look here: this has voices and is a MOBILE game!

    Banjoisawesome 2019 July 4, 2020 7:19 am Reply
  • If I don't want to use Skyla, what else can I use?

    F1 season still cancelled soz sBinnala July 4, 2020 7:19 am Reply
  • My level 60 solgaleo cant even beat them

    FallenPrism July 4, 2020 7:19 am Reply
  • My level 70 superirororo and 70 level garcomp and 55 level cat cant even kill this

    ugly mad fat noob July 4, 2020 7:19 am Reply
  • Thank you

    Eshan Sharma July 4, 2020 7:19 am Reply
  • That was some good luck right there. I had two level 70s and one level 65 and still lost like 3 times so I’ll use three Pokémon you had and see if that will work for me😂

    Update: I beat the chapter with those three on my team. I am so happy now🤣

    DJ Dragon AKA ShawnB. July 4, 2020 7:19 am Reply
  • I just had the worst luck just a moment ago! I came across a random shiny Wurmple when my Torchic did a crit and ko'd the shiny!😭 I should have chucked a Ball if I had the chance! I can reclaim it on ORAS when I find the time. I feel sick and shaking over the shock of that fail! This is my 2nd shiny fail since shiny Blacephalon and it wasn't even my intended hunt!
    Update: I picked up my shattered pieces and go after Shiny Wurmple on Omega Ruby as a way to compensate over my devastating loss and reclaimed it in Gen VI!

    Samantha Anderson July 4, 2020 7:19 am Reply
  • A couple of days ago, I gotten a shiny female shadow Bayleef in Pokemon Colosseum after 369 Resets when I caught it myself before the Cipher Peon Verde sent her out. I named her Marigold.

    Samantha Anderson July 4, 2020 7:19 am Reply

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