Murble Game Outdoor Family Game

Murbles is an outdoor family game designed to be played by the whole family. In fact Murbles outdoor family game can be played by three generations and you will have fun!!! The game balls are sized to fit smaller hands and light enough not to hurt older shoulders.
Murbles outdoor family game can be played almost anywhere. Obstacles like uneven ground, bushes, trees, even water (Murbles are buoyant) become part of the game. For more excitement, use the obstacles to your advantage when playing the game.
To get started, players pick their game ball color that they will play with. Dump all of the Murbles out of the bag on to the ground and whichever player’s game ball color is closest to the point ball assumes control of the point ball and starts the game. The players now pick up their game ball and are ready to play.
Standing comfortably side-by-side, the player with control of the point ball decides where to toss out the point ball starting the game. The point ball must be tossed out at least 3 feet. All throws are forward and underarm throws only from 3-30 feet (Do not overpower your opponent). To make the game more exciting remember to use the obstacles in the terrain to your advantage and your opponent’s disadvantage.

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