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iPhone X Hands On Review : Face ID, Animoji, Price, New Features & Specs

A new era of iPhone has begun & it's begun with iPhone X

iPhone X – The Start!

A new era of iPhone has begun & it’s begun with iPhone X. There have always been interesting eras with iPhones. The iPhones have evolved through three eras – The First being original which was easy to use, delightful in fact. The first-generation iPhones have successfully changed to a mainstream multi-touch modern smartphone.

The second era of iPhones started with iPhone 4. The all new layer design, the first iPhone first system-on-a-chip version high-density Retina display. It also had much better cameras than earlier versions. In fact, this second generation iPhones were the base of making today’s smartphones as mini computing devices.

Here’s the third era of iPhones with the brand new iPhone X (Called as the iPhone ten). Let’s explore why this is such an important part in the journey of iPhone

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iPhone X has the layered design with hardened glass enclosed in a stainless steel. It is a bit curved and has an unbelievable seamless finish. The Super Retina display on the front is stretched from side to side, top to bottom, edge to edge, and corner to corner. In short, it perfectly covers every space. The iPhone has two sides of cameras that have augmented reality with computational photography.

It should have been the iPhone of the future – at least set to release for next year. It is early to reach your hands – for a price. Apple is taking a page from its Mac Book PlayBook, bringing tomorrow’s technology today, for a price!

iPhone X: Super Retina Display

iPhone X has similar dimensions like iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. Interestingly, the screen size is even bigger than iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 8 Plus. For all those who desired to have a bigger screen without trading their smaller compact size, this is a perfect wish come true. Here’s your bigger than expected screen, plus it is compact too.


Get your head straight when you hold this iPhone X in your hands. You are sure to be surprised with its unique looks that fill the screen. The iPhone X is absolutely like a blank canvas. It gives more life to apps, images, and videos than any other smartphone available today. It is even better than your iPad experience.

The OLED is used for the first time ever on an iPhone. Apple has recently claimed that the panels on iPhone X finally meets its standards. The display includes calibration, color accuracy, as well as lighting that automatically adjusts to the type of media you are seeing. There is absolutely no need of manually managing color profiles on your iPhone X.

With the True Tone System from iPad Pro, the lighting is set to adjust according to the world around you. The display matches and whites look white than usual regardless of what light setting you are in. For instance, even if you are in cool blue lighting around you, white is still paper white on your iPhone X

The iPhone X supports both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. It is better than 4K, the HDR is all set in iPhone X. You would get a never before experience seeing HD videos on iPhone X. It just feels like a real world was revealed beyond the layers of obfuscation that has affected us for ages!

The Super Retina Display is incredible and makes iPhone take a new height in the area of the display.

iPhone X True Depth Camera – Face ID Recognition

The top notch of the iPhone X is its new True Depth camera and Face ID system that is better than what the world has seen so far. The infrared camera, dot projector, front camera, speaker, flood illuminator, and proximity sensor together form a great combination.

True Depth Camera houses a new system of facial recognition through Face ID. With this new iPhone X, the touch ID has been successfully replaced with the Face ID system. The facial identity sensor works best in identifying the true owner.

It is simple. To access your iPhone X, you lift it to your face. When the flood illuminator, which works in both light or no light, sends beams of 30,000 invisible dots that fall on your face and the neutral network works on it. If you are identified right, you are allowed to access. If not, it goes to the security passcode page.

TrueDepth-Camera-front-camera-iPhoneX-Portrait Lighting-selfie-filters

Just like how touch ID works, it gets better as you use it. It doesn’t matter if you have makeup on, accessories like hats, head bands on, hairstyles changed. As your face and facial hair changes, your face ID changes along with it.

Recently, the Hollywood special effect companies have tried their luck in creating different makeup and masks to deceive the Face ID system and have miserably failed in doing it. The system is also tested with videos of the owners face and it has withstood it all. It has been trained to find out real from spoof.

The accessibility of the Face ID is tested in environments with little or no light and it has worked fine with no errors. The built in features make this feature strong.

The touch ID had 1/50,000 chance of a random match while the Face ID is said to have a 1/100,000 chance of a random match. Security is better than ever with the use of Face ID. As far as the convenience part, it is likely that we will be used to it soon.


Face ID doesn’t yet support multiple faces yet. It would be a bit difficult for anyone who has authorised their partner or kids to use their iPhone so far. Although it has been only demonstrated so far, it has not been tested using random people. Only time would tell how easy or convenient the Face ID works to be.

The Portrait mode selfie pictures are cool as ever. The True Depth Camera is activated when you are planning to get yourself a selfie picture. The iOS 11 brings with it a depth API, it makes it not destructive. You can easily switch to the portrait mode or switch it off. There are cool options like Portrait Lighting that you could make use of when you use the new iPhone.

iPhone X – Portrait Lighting

The Portrait Lighting option is all likely to make you forget that you ever need a DSLR when you are on an outing with friends or family. The Apple’s team is working hard to give the best in the camera on their device. Portrait mode in earlier versions has been a big hit. The Portrait lighting option is likely to be a bigger hit amongst picture perfectionists.

It takes the depth of the image, makes facial features stand out, applies studio effect including the lighting effect that you would normally get in a covered studio. The various options include Contour, Studio, Stage, Natural, and Stage Mono.


Although the portrait lighting is in beta mode, it just shows us how it works. You could discover more about how it works with the sensor system in place, the silicon is all set to work on the magic and make it available visually.

With the new iPhone X, the wide angle and telephoto lens both have optical image stabilizing effects now. It would show in the pictures with low-light.

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The Apple’s team is also working to apply machine learning techniques to the camera system on their smartphone. This would help the camera analyze, compress, and finally give great shots. For example, if your camera is set to continuously analyze the sky, grass or any motion, it would optimize the compression to make sure that the artifacts do not alter or change the edges or texture of the picture.

Whether the experience will be as great as using the iPhone 7 for the first time, we never know. Only time will tell how fascinating the new camera is for new users.

iPhone X Animoji, How Apple iPhone Animoji Works

A new emoji feature is always welcomed gladly in the Apple community. It brings with it a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. The emoji and its effects resonate the emotional values of the sender and Apple understands it better than any other. When you are in trouble, a small smiley could change your mood in an instant.

Animoji is the all new feature that takes all your feelings and adds it to an animation with a matching face and voice. Exciting isn’t it? In the iMessage, Animoji lets you send your smiles, frown, shake, laughter, all in different forms. Starting from cute cats, dogs, your most favorite animal, to even poop!


The feature demo session had a response that spoke of excitement. Whether it was a fancy passing fad or a regular feature that would amaze millions across the world, we do not know. What is true for now is, everyone who gets their hands on the iPhone X is going to send them lots, probably to everyone in their contacts!

How To Unlock iPhone X – Enter Side & Exit Home

There are no Home buttons on the iPhone X screen. There are no virtual Home buttons either as seen in the iPhone 7 versions. The missing home button could be convenient or feel like limitations in the technology. We would know it for sure in a few days time.  Let’s wait and see.


The traditional functions of the Home button have been reassigned as below:

  • Swipe up to return to the Home Screen
  • Swipe up and pause to check the running tasks or multitask using your device
  • Press Volume Up and the Side Button for a screenshot
  • Press and Hold the Side Button to get assistance from your personal Siri
  • Double Click on the side button to get Apple Pay
  • Triple click the side button to get Accessibility

You can get all your shortcuts and other features through 3D touch

In practice, this would be easier. You would probably miss the home button for a while but we are sure that you would be happier without it soon.

iPhone X – Wireless Charging

Although Apple has been slow to accept wireless charging, it is finally here. The wireless charging is wireless to the device but the main charging station is still plugged in. Apple was adamant to try to dismiss off it several times in the past but now, it has finally accepted the change. Apple iPhone X supports Q1 wireless charging which is popular amongst the techies. A variety of charging Q1 charging pads are expected to launch. Apple has its very own Air Power pad, which could charge up to three devices including two iPhones and/or Apple pods, Apple watch. The Air Pods are new wireless charging case that is available separately.


The wireless charging on phones has been quite tricky so far. Some people do not prefer it as they are more chances of knocking off the phone which could lead to your phone being uncharged. Plus the charging pads are not available everywhere like normal charging stations. Apple is hoping to be adaptive with its new change. You still have your Lighting port which you could use the old-school way to charge your device like earlier versions. However, the wireless charging seems to be a thing of the future and we are sure that this is a bold step to encourage more wireless charging new devices in the future.

iPhone X – A11 Bionic SoC Specs, Performance & Features

The most crucial part of the Apple’s iPhone X is its new A11 Bionic system on a chip (SoC). It is developed on last year’s A10  Fusion. It has new 4 efficiency cores adding to its 2 High-Performance cores. It also comes with custom GPU, new Image Signal Processor, Neural Networking built in. For a big increase in parallel processing, the system uses all cores once as well.


With all this, there is scope for extra two hours of battery life – a treat for sure!

iPhone X Price, Pre-Oder, Booking & Availability

The iPhone X is supposed to be next year’s release. You can enjoy it now, of course, by paying its price. All the latest components have made it more expensive, including the OLED Screen. The starting price is $999 for the 64GB model. You could buy the 256 GB model as well. There are only two models and both are available in two colors – Silver and Space Gray


If the price is no big deal for you, you could pre-order for it on the October 27th and you would get it into your hands on November 3rd. You could also opt for monthly installment schemes which would work out to be almost the same price.

iPhone X – The Verdict!

The Super Retina Display and the Face ID are absolutely impressive features of the iPhone X. The new cameras in place with the portrait lighting is something to get used to, delightfully.

Overall, iPhone X has made everyone feel excited about it ever since the days of iPhone 4 and iPhone 6. Let’s wait and see how it rolls out!

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