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Apple Watch Series 3 FAQ : Price, Tech Specs, Features & All You Have To Know

Apple Watch Series 3 is here - and it's cellular! We've got the release date, prices, new features & tech specs

Yay! The Third generation Apple Watch is all set to reach your hands in a short while. Here’s all you have to know to make your tech savvy self-satisfied!

On September 12th, Apple unveiled it all-new Apple Watch with cool features that are within your reach now. Read on to discover more

A New Apple Watch?

Yes, it is. The new generation Apple Watch is nothing like you have seen before. Plus, there are two new watches lined up to surprise us. The First watch is the updated version of the standard Apple watch. The second is a Hybrid version, It is a stand-alone version with cellular support.


Unlike the standard Apple Watch that functions with the help of your iPhone or other iOS devices, the new Hybrid Apple Watch is likely to be more independent than the earlier version. However, that said, it cannot function totally independent of the iOS devices. Comparatively, it is more standalone than the rest of the devices.

Apple Watch Series 3 Features 

With the Apple Watch series 3, you can use the eSIM Card. With an astonishing size of one-hundredth of an Original SIM Card, this eSIM card allows data transfer through the air. Here’s a list of cool stuff that you can do with it:


  • Make and receive call with the same number as your iPhone
  • Create and get text messages just like your iPhone
  • Without your iPhone, your Apple watch will give you directions on the Maps
  • The Find My Friend Services switches on when you do not have your phone.
  • Chat applications like WeChat, Snapchat work even without your iPhone
  • Stream live music on iTunes without the help of your iPhone
  • You have Siri version that talks
  • When you are skiing or snowboarding, your Apple Watch can track the altimeter for you.

The following cellular services will be ready to give you connectivity on your Apple Watch if you reside in the USA

  • ATT
  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • Mobile

Both the GPS models and the Cellular models and the carrier list available differs from country to country.

Apple Watch Series 3 Design & Specifications

The Size and shape of series 3 are no different from that of series 2. The color, however, is new. In addition to the usual gray and silver, the all new aluminium gold is all set to come in Series 3.


The W2 model chip processor is common in both models. It is helpful in keeping the battery up for longer. The dual core processor in Series 3 is 70% faster than the earlier version. The battery life is likely to be the same and the cellular model is set to use more juice.

Apple Watch Series 3  Battery Life 

The battery life is better than that of Series 2. The Cellular model has the same battery life as the standard version.

Would They Fit The Bands Already Available?


Yes, they would. Luckily, the smart connection for the bands remains the same as earlier versions. 38mm and 42mm bands that are available in the market will fit as usual with their respective casings, without considering what Series you have.

How About The Speed?

Series 3 is faster than Series 2. The W2 chip adds more life and speed improvements in the Series 3 version.

Apple Watch Series 3 Price 


The standard Apple Series Watch has dropped its price to $329, almost $40 lesser than. The cellular model is priced at $399 and above. The Series 1 Apple Watch is set to sell at a new low price of $249

Is There A Special Edition Watch?

There is a brand new fancy color of Silver Space Gray. It is a bit different from the current ceramic shade of color.

Apple Watch Series 3 Availability, Pre-Order & Booking

Pre-order Apple Watch Series 3, both standard and cellular on September 15th. The Cellular model is all set to sell in retail stores starting on September 22nd. It is open in countries like USA, Australia, UK, Canada, China, Germany, Japan, France, Switzerland, and Puerto Rico.


The Standard Series 3 Apple Watch will be available on the same date in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Austria, Denmark, China, Finland, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Japan, Ireland, UK, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Norway, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland, Spain, Taiwan, US Virgin Islands, and the USA. On September 23rd, both the models are all set to reach the UAE markets.

Will Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 Be Still Available On The Market?

The Apple Series 1 Watch is set to rock as the entry level lost cost model. It is not swim-proof, with the water resistance of 50 meters or good at GPS tracking, the price is set to $249. The Series 1 has its limitations set to aluminium case and Sports Band.

Any More Questions?

Feel free to ask any other questions related to Apple Series 3 Watch and LTE. We will be happy to fill you with relevant knowledge. Ask the experts!

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