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Apple iOS Provisioning Profile: How To Add A New Device To The Apple Developer Portal

Apple has an exclusive team of developers worldwide who constantly strive hard to make their brand excellent. The Apple developers are key to finding new ideas on software and apps that are ready for downloading across all iOS devices. Apple has special allowances to their in house developers to get access to latest updates on OS and software before the world does.

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Most Apple developers register their iPhones and all other iOS devices on Apple’s developer program. This developer program helps them to reach out the world on the App Store on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, as well as Safari Extensions Gallery. All developers on this program get access to testing Beta software, advanced app developments, analytics, and extensive beta testing tools.


If you are a developer and would like to register yourself on your iPhone’s Apple Developer Program, Here’s what you should do. Follow these steps to add a new device to Apple Developer Portal

How To Register Your iOS Device On Apple Developer Portal

Step 1: Click on Apple Developer Program

Step 2: Go to Member Centre tab


Step 3: Log in with your credentials


Step 4: Go to Certificates Identifiers and Profiles link


Step 5: Choose from iOS apps, Mac Apps, and Safari Extensions. When you are planning to register your iOS device like iPhone or iPad, you will have to choose iOS apps tab


Step 6: Click on devices under iOS apps. The list of registered devices will appear that was on the registered developer program


Step 7: On the right top, there will be a “+” sign. Click on the sign to add your iOS device


Step 8: On the next screen, register your device by entering the UDID code and your name.

If you would like to register multiple devices at the same time, you could follow the following steps:

How To Register Multiple Devices On Apple Developer Program?

Follow the first seven steps as mentioned above.

Step 1: After clicking on the + sign, click on Add iOS Devices page. Scroll down to click on the Register multiple devices


Step 2: Click on the download sample files link under register multiple devices radio button. When you unzip the file, open the file called “multiple-device-upload-ios”

Step 3: Add multiple devices with its device ID and a device name for each device. Once done, upload the text file by clicking on the Choose File link

Step 4: Once the text file is uploaded, click on the register button. This will register multiple devices on the Apple Developer Program

If you want to register more devices, Apple Developer Program lets you add up to a maximum of 100 devices. You can use this method to add all the devices that you need to use as a developer.

How To Disable Or Delete Your Device From Apple Developer Program?

If you wish to disable your iOS device from the Apple Developer Program, the method is similar to registering your device. Follow the steps till Step 5. Once you are on the iOS devices pages, follow these steps below:

Step 1: Click on the device that you would want to disable

Step 2: A window will pop up asking if you wanted to disable or edit. Click on disable option.


Step 3: There will be another pop up that has two options – Cancel and Disable. Choose Disable. Your device will be disabled from the Apple Developer Program



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