My experience of iOS 11 after 1 month usage

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Apple has released the iOS 11 beta, watchOS 4 beta & macOS high Sierra beta to Apple Developers first on June 5th then the beta 2 update was released with new changes and improvements. If you have not updated yet to iOS 11 betas yet, then I will advise you to update as soon as you can. If you want to update to iOS 11 developers beta then you need to add your device to an Apple Developer Program if you don’t want to pay $99 and signup for an Apple Developer Program then you can register your iPhone/iPad/Mac to Apple Developer Program via our Apple Developer Accounts. We are offering iPhone,iPad, AppleWatch & Mac UDID registration to Apple Developer Program for only $15 for a year for each device. If you are interested in installing the iOS 11 developers beta versions and watchOS 4 / macOS High Sierra beta’s then add your devices to Apple Developer Program here >

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Once you have done that then you can ready to install the iOS 11 beta, watchOS 4 beta & macOS High Sierra beta. So install them and enjoy all the new features. It’s really amazing. I will share my experience now with you about the iOS 11 beta.

My Experience of using iOS 11

I have installed the iOS 11 beta on my iPhone 7 Plus & iPhone 6s and in iPad Pro on June 5th 2017. After 1 month+ usage i am sharing my reviews with you. So, in just one word, i want to say that – iOS 11 is just amazing. I am loving it.

The first feeling after updating to iOS 11 beta, was the look of Animations, I really liked the new animation. I feel like my iPhone is 2x fast now in iOS 11.

The new Control Center is all that I was searching for last few years. I wanted the Cellular (Mobile data) option in the control center. Finally, i got that in the iOS 11. Apple made control center very simple and classy. You have got all that you need there. Now you can also, record iPhone screen directly on iPhone without any jailbreak tweaks or Quick time on Mac. This is a very useful feature of All the YouTubers.


Apple has improved the screenshot in iOS 11. Once you have a screenshot on your iPhone & iPad. You will see the image at the bottom of your screen. You can edit it also now. The editing tools are very powerful. That makes your life easier with iOS 11.

iOS 11 changes the way you should share files on iPhone. iPhone & iPad file system was complicated. Previously in iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 the file sharing system was really complicated. There is a new App called “File” on your iPhone & iPad. Which is a modified version of iCloud Drive It lets you save any files there and you can share it just like dropbox & google drive.

Drag & Drop, iOS 11 bring this new feature and it’s the biggest step for an iPad. Now you can drag & drop files on your iPad. It makes the work very easy and it’s very simple to use. We all were looking for this feature since so long. I use this feature a lot in my iPad. I totally love this. Sometimes it doesn’t work properly as it’s a beta so it’s normal to have bugs which will eventually get fixed in upcoming betas.

The New revamped App Store is cool. Apple has changed the App Store totally in iOS 11. It’s like cards now. It’s nice to navigate and very easy to use. I like the new App Store in iOS 11.

The Live photo editing tools, I often use the new filter in the photos app. Nothing that extraordinary but it’s nice. I have not used the Apple Pay yet, so I can’t say about the new Person to Person Payment feature.

Overall, My experience of iOS 11 is totally amazing. Yeah sometimes i got crashes in the Apps but those got fixed in iOS 11 beta 2. The battery performance is superb. So ai am totally enjoying iOS 11 beta and watchOS 4 & also macOS High Sierra on my Mac Mini. Apple brought so many changes in iOS 11 that actually makes your life easier with iPhone & iPad. There

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