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What’s new in WatchOS 4 – New 50+ features for Apple Watch

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Apple has already unveiled their next generation iOS 11, watchOS 4 and new macOS High Sierra. Apple has released the iOS 11 beta, watchOS 4 beta & macOS High Sierra developers preview to the developers. Registered Apple Developers can now install them right away. If you also want to install the iOS 11 on your iPhone & iPad and WatchOS 4 on your Apple watch then register your device UDID to Apple Developer Program >

Apple’s new iOS 11 & watchOS 4 both brings new life for iPhone & Apple Watch. See the new Top features of iOS 11 beta for iPhone & iPad here > and the top reasons why you should update to iOS 11 right now >

WatchOS 4 brought so many changes for Apple Watch. There is more than 50+ changes list below, taken from 9t05mac.com.

New 50+ features in WatchOS 4 for Apple Watch

If you want to install the watchOS 4 on your Apple Watch right now then first install the iOS 11 beta on your iPhone. Then you will be able to install the watchOS 4 on the registered Apple Watch. You can register your iPhone & Apple Watch UDID to Apple Developer Program here > 

So here are the new 50+ changes in Apple Watch on watchOS 4 beta 1. In the upcoming beta’s more features will be added.

  1. New Siri Watch Face
  2. Person to person payment support (coming soon)
  3. New ‘Install’ button in Watch app
  4. New Keypad option in Phone app for dialing
  5. New on-call interface in Phone app
  6. Maps app slightly redesigned with scrolling list of suggestion tiles
  7. New Location preferences
  8. When Timer goes off, it now has a repeat button
  9. Update Music app interface
  10. Automatic playlist syncing including Apple Music-recommended lists
  11. Updated ‘Now Playing’ complication
  12. Slightly modified ‘Now Playing’ interface
  13. Add individual albums and artists to Music app
  14. Add multiple playlists to Music app
  15. Music playback controls integrated into Workout app
  16. Camera Remote app now supports video, Portrait mode
  17. New News app
  18. New Activity notifications and challenges
  19. Updated celebration achievement animations
  20. ‘Now Playing’ auto displayed when playing media on paired iPhone
  21. Heart rate app features 24-hour chart
  22. New News complication
  23. New flashlight in Control Center
  24. New night workout light in Control Center
  25. New emergency light in Control Center
  26. New location icon in Control Center
  27. New Workout app selection interface
  28. Workouts now start immediately
  29. New Workout type animation in upper left-hand corner
  30. Start back-to-back workouts
  31. New High-Intensity Interval Training
  32. Automatically start music when workouts are started
  33. Enhanced swim tracking
  34. Switch between watch faces with the Digital Crown
  35. New Toy Story watch faces (coming soon)
  36. Gym equipment sync
  37. New ‘Express Connect’ setting for connecting to Apple Watch-supported gym equipment
  38. VO2 max data logging to Health app
  39. New Workout preferences
  40. New Dock
  41. Modified Music App
  42. Flashlight in Apple Watch
  43. Customized watch faces
  44. New pairing UI
  45. New usage tips during pairing process
  46. Passcode interface with larger tap targets + red delete button
  47. New passcode animation
  48. New passcode key click sound effect
  49. New vertically scrolling Dock interface
  50. Dock can now show Recents or Favorites
  51. New ‘All Apps’ option in Dock
  52. New ‘List View’ for apps
  53. Bolder notifications text
  54. New Kaleidoscope watch face
  55. Create Kaleidoscope faces via Photos app on iPhone

If you like it, then go ahead and update to iOS 11 and watchOS 4. It’s amazing. You will love it.

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