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What’s new coming in macOS High Sierra

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Apple has released the macOS High Sierra beta to developers. If you want to install the macOS High Sierra on your Mac now then register your Mac to Apple Developer Program and get access to install the macOS High Sierra beta now. Apple has upgraded the current macOS Sierra and fine tuned all its features and added improvement & refinements to existing features and apps like Safari, Photos, Siri, FaceTime plus more in the new macOS High Sierra. It’s very strong and powerful now. It gives you a new feeling for your Mac. You will love it once you update your Mac to macOS High Sierra. Apple has added a lot of features in macOS High Sierra. We will cover the Major changes and features here.

And Apple has released the iOS 11 beta to developers. If you have not installed iOS 11 on your iPhone & iPad yet, then you are missing a lot of new features. Install iOS 11 beta now >

MacOS High Sierra Features & What’s new

I have installed the macOS High Sierra on my Mac and so far i am loving it. There are the under-the-hood improvements and major changes that you will get in the macOS High Sierra. It’s in beta now, so things will change later on and also you will get more new features.

Refinements in the Photo app


Photos app got new features and changes. It has a persistent sidebar with new editing tools for Curves and Selective Color, new filters, options for editing Live Photos, new Memories categories, added more third-party app integration, and as well as improvements to facial recognition, with the People album now synced across all of iCloud signed devices – iPhone, iPad & other Macs.

New Safari & Mail app features


Safari is gaining a new autoplay blocking feature for videos and also Intelligent Tracking Prevention to protect your privacy, and options for customizing your browsing experience site-by-site, while Mail improvements mean your messages take up 35% less storage space.

Siri’s new nature Voice & Deep Learning & iCloud Drive


Siri has a more natural voice, just like on iOS 11, and can answer more music-related queries. iCloud Drive file sharing has been added, and in High Sierra and iOS 11, all of your iMessage conversations are saved in iCloud, saving more storage space.

New Apple File System (APFS)

When installing High Sierra, it will convert to a new, more modern file system called Apple File System or APFS. APFS is safe, secure, and optimized for modern storage systems like solid-state drives. Features like native encryption, crash protection, and safe document saves are built in, plus it is ultra responsive and will bring performance enhancements to Mac.

APFS is accompanied by High-Efficiency Video Encoding (HEVC) which introduces much better video compression compared to H.264 without sacrificing quality. The other major under-the-hood update is Metal 2, which will bring smoother animations to macOS and will provide developers with tools to create incredible apps and games.

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Metal 2

Metal 2 includes support for machine learning, external GPUs, and VR content creation, with Apple even providing an external GPU development kit for developers so they can get their apps ready for the eGPU support that’s coming to consumers this fall. Apple is also working with Valve, Unity, and Unreal to bring VR creation tools to the Mac.

Apple has also released the iOS 11 beta for iPhone & iPad to developers and watchOS 4 for Apple Watch. But you can also install the iOS 11 beta on your iPhone right now by registering your iPhone/iPad UDID to Apple Developer Program > 

macOS High Sierra will run on all Macs that are capable of running macOS Sierra. Install the macOS High Sierra now and enjoy all these amazing new features.

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