Should you install iOS 11 ? - Top Reasons to install iOS 11 now

Top reasons to install to iOS 11 beta now

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Every year Apple releases a major update to their iOS. This year iOS 11 is the major update for your iPhone, iPad & iPod. Apple has already released the iOS 11 beta to the developers on June 5th, 2017. Currently, it can only be installed in the devices which is added to an Apple Developer Program. iOS 11 is in beta stage now. Apple will be releasing more 6-7 beta versions of iOS 11 and then release the iOS 11 Gold Master (iOS 11 GM) edition to developers and it’s going to be the final version of iOS 11.0. Later, In this fall then Apple will release the iOS 11 to the public along with the new iPhone 8.

If you have not updated your iPhone to iOS 11 yet, then you can install the iOS 11 beta now on your iPhone & iPad by registering your device to Apple Developer Program. We are offering iPhone, iPad, Mac UDID registration to Apple Developer Program. If you want to add your device UDID to Apple Developer Program then go to the UDID registration page.

Once you have registered your iPhone, iPad UDID to Apple Developer Program then you can install the iOS 11 beta on your device without any problem and enjoy all of it’s features early. iOS 11 is just amazing. You will fall in love with it. Here is the top reasons for why you should update to iOS 11 beta right now. Check it out – How to install iOS 11 beta on iPhone & iPad now

 Why you should update to iOS 11

Everyone wants to enjoy new features and give new life to their iPhone, iPad & iPod touch. If you are one of them then go ahead and install iOS 11 now. Here are reasons for you to install iOS 11 beta on your iPhone, iPad & iPod touch.

iOS 11 is amazing

Apple has added more than 100+ features in the iOS 11 beta. Next betas will add more features also. Apple has changed so many things is iOS 11. This is so freaking awesome. The moment you install iOS 11 betas on your iPhone and you will fall in love with the animation and speed of iOS 11. See the tutorial on How to Download & install iOS 11 now

New Control Center

One of the most anticipated features of iOS 11 is the new customizable Control Center. You can now customize your Control Center. Apple has redesigned the Control Center and gave it a dashing new look. It’s so useful and user-friendly. I was looking for Cellular settings (3G/LTE) turn on/off button in Control Center for years after losing the jailbreak. Now finally it’s there in the Control Center. There are many more new features like – Screen Recording, Low Power Mode, a new way to change brightness settings & volume settings and so much more. This is definitely a reason to get iOS 11.

More Settings, More Options

Apple has redesigned the Settings app in your iPhone. There are many changes in the Settings app. You have more control over your iPhone now in iOS 11.

New ” File App” – Download files in iPhone/iPad

Apple has added a new File app in iOS 11 which is a replacement of iCloud Drive. With the new File app, now you can download things in iPhone, iPad & iPod. It also helps with the Drag & Drop feature. I love this Files app.

Dark Mode

Apple has added a Smart Invert mode in iOS 11 which gives you the features of Dark Mode in your iPhone. Check out our post on How to enable the Dark Mode in iOS 11

AirPods new features


Apple AirPods are truly magical. I love my AirPods from the day I first purchased it. Check out my AirPods unboxing video here >. Now with iOS 11 you will additional features in AirPods settings. You can choose what your each AirPods will do. Check out the new feature of AirPods in iOS 11 here >

Siri got Natural voice

Do you love Siri? Do you use Siri a lot? Then Yes! Install the iOS 11 now. Apple has given new life to Siri in iOS 11. It’s has a deep learning feature now. Siri icon is also changed just like you saw it in the Apple HomePods. You can also now type to Siri.

Screen Recording

If you are a YouTuber, then you know, How important the Screen Recording! Apple has added Screen Recording in iOS 11 in the Control Center. If you can simple record you screen in iOS 11 and it will be saved in your Photo library.

New Revamped App Store

If you like new things then it’s another new thing for you. Apple has revamped the App Store in iOS 11. Everything is so changed in the App Store. It’s like Cards now. There are five sections now – Today, Games, Apps, Updates & Search. Check out the video walkthrough of iOS 11 new App Store here:

Drag & Drop is here now

iPad got a major update in iOS 11. Apple introduced a huge range of iPad-specific features that offer much-improved multitasking experience, allowing the iPad to better serve as a full PC replacement. You can drag & drop in iPad now. Some say that it works in iPhone also. Check out the Drag & Drop hands on Video by MacRumors here

Apple Pencil More support

Apple Pencil support is also expanding in iOS 11. The Apple Pencil can be used systemwide like any other stylus (or a finger), and there are new features that have been designed with the Apple Pencil in mind, including Instant Markup, which allows essentially anything to be annotated, and inline drawing within Mail and Notes.

More Hidden Features in iOS 11

Apple has introduced the iOS 11 in the WWDC keynote but they didn’t mention all the features. Check out the top best and also the hidden features in iOS 11 here

WatchOS 4

If have an Apple watch and you want to try the watchOS 4 then you will need to update your iPhone to iOS 11 then only you can install the watchOS 4 on your Apple Watch. WatchOS 4 has many new things for the Apple watch. You will love the new watch faces & the new dock.

Should you update to iOS 11 now

There are much more reasons to update to iOS 11 now. iOS 11 is in beta now, so there will be some bugs & crashes which may be annoying. But it will be fixed as new beta comes out and new features will be also added. It’s all your choice if you want to install the iOS 11 beta or not. If you ask me, Then my answer is – Yes ! Go ahead and install the iOS 11 beta right now >

Register your iPhone, iPad & iPod UDID to Apple Developer Program and install the iOS 11 developers beta right now and enjoy all the new features of iOS 11 before everyone gets it. In iOS 11, there are more features like – Phone Auto Answer, Wifi Password Share, Unified Control Center and more.

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