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Apple released the iOS 11 beta to developers today. iOS 11 is amazing. It’s so damn fast. After installing the iOS 11 beta on my iPhone, I feel like my iPhone just got a new life. The animation is buttery smooth, fast and iMessage features are great. iOS 11 coming with huge changes. It even has a Dark mode, a Brand new Control Center with bars, new icons, Revamped App Store with cards, Music app changes and camera improvements along with Photo editing upgrades and more. If you want to install the iOS 11 beta, then register your iPhone & iPad UDID to Apple Developer Program > and then you will be able to install the iOS 11 beta’s on your device. We are offering iOS 11 UDID registration to Apple Developer Program, get your device registered here and get all the features of iOS 11 on your iPhone, iPad now.

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Check out the top best & hidden features in iOS 11 which Apple didn’t talk about in the WWDC keynote today. Here is the complete list.

Top Best & Hidden features in iOS 11 beta

Control Center Customization

One of the great new features in iOS 11 is the new revamped Control Center. I really liked the Control Center. It’s net, clear and easy to use with the bars. Finally, you can do more with the 3D touch in your iPhone in the Control Center. We used to customize Control Center with Cydia tweaks like CCsettings and others, now you can customize the Control Center in your iPhone, in iOS 11. Control Center is in iOS 11 is actually customizable. Go to Settings -> Control Center and you’ll be able to add and remove actions.

Person to Person Payments in iMessage

If you have got Apple Pay, then now you can pay using the iMessage App. You can pay to any person in the iMessage. It’s really great for paying dues to your friend or anyone.

Maps goes inside Malls, Airports

Apple maps are smarter now. Now you can navigate inside a Shopping Mall also, see Floor to Floor navigations. You can navigate inside Airports too. Google Maps doesn’t have these features. Apple made a smart move in iOS 11. Enjoy.

Drag Multiple Apps in iPad


In the iOS 11, You can now select multiple apps in iPad. First, Just Tap and hold apps and they start to jiggle. Tap on one app and drag it. Now tap on other app icons and they’ll be selected as well. Now go to another page and release your finger to drop them all. Easy! iPad Pro users are going to love the iOS 11 love than anyone.

Screenshot Customization


Now just take a screenshot in iOS 11. Then you will be able to edit the screenshot with various tools.

Typing in Siri

iOS 11 allows you to type in the Siri. We had this issue from the beginning that, Siri doesn’t listen to us properly. Now in iOS 11, this issue gets solved as Siri got a deep learning. There’s a new toggle in Settings -> Accessibility -> Siri that enables the options to type to Siri.

Screen Recording in Control Center

Now you can do screen recording in iOS 11. You can add screen recording to Control Center and do the screen recording in iPhone. It’s the only way to do it now. When you tap on the Screen Recording feature, you’ll start recording your screen. Tap on the blue bar at the top to stop the recording. The video will be saved in Photos library.

Dark Mode in iOS 11

Now there is a Dark mode in iOS 11 which is called Smart Invert. You can enable this here: In Accessibility -> Display Accommodations -> Invert Colors you’ll find a new option called Smart Invert. It inverts the colors for only UI elements and no the images or media. So right now it’s the closest we have to a dark mode. This is not a complete Dark mode like what we were expecting. But yeah it works pretty well. It doesn’t invert your wallpaper or camera. It works fine.

Apple releases the iOS 11 beta to developers only. If you want to install the iOS 11 beta then register your iPhone & iPad to Apple Developer Program now. We are offering iPhone, iPad to Apple Developer Program for only $15. If you want to install the iOS 11 beta on your device now and enjoy all the latest features then register now to Apple Developer Program here >

Unified Notifications

Apple merged the lock screen and the Notification Center in iOS 11. If you pull down the notification center, you will see the Lock Screen, just swipe again and you will see all your notification on the lock screen. This feature is great to lock your iPhone.


Redesigned Storage Management Tab & other Settings

The Storage and Cloud Usage tab are now just called iPhone Storage. And it now shows a storage bar also at the top. In iOS 11, Once you go in the Settings App, You will see many changes. The Storage and Cloud Usage tab is now just called iPhone Storage. And it now shows a storage bar at the top. The apps are listed based on storage space used. You’ll also see when the app was last used. This looks very clean and you can easily delete things and get your storages.

Auto Uninstall Unused Apps

There’s a new option in iPhone Storage section that lets you automatically uninstall old apps when you’re low on storage. This only uninstalls the app. The app data and documents are saved. This is very smart.

New Siri and Search Settings Unified

Siri gets a new life in iOS 11. The Siri icon is also redesigned and changed. In Settings, there’s a new section called Siri & Search that merges the Siri and Search sections.

New Accounts and Passwords Section

In the Settings app, there’s also a new Accounts & Passwords section that gives you access t all iCloud and Mail accounts. You can also access passwords saved in Keychain after authenticating.

Emergency SOS in Settings

Emergency SOS is now built into iOS 11, for all users. Auto Call feature will automatically dial the relevant emergency services hotline when the user presses the Sleep/Wake button five times, quickly.

Scan QR Codes in Camera

This feature should have come long earlier. But finally, we are getting this in iOS 11. The camera app in iOS 11 can automatically scan QR codes now. All you need to do is point the camera at a QR code.

Password Autofill for Third Party Apps

iOS 11 supports the option for third party integration for password autofill. This means in future we can see 1Password integration.

AirPods Settings

You can now customize the double tap gesture for both the left and right AirPod. What this means is that you can set one to engage Siri while another for Play/Pause. This is a great news for AirPods user. Use both AirPods for different functions.

New Files app

We have seen the Files app before the WWDC event. As expected, then Files app replaces iCloud Drive. With iOS 11, The Files app is a better-designed version of the iCloud Drive that includes local files and provides easy access to files stored in third-party cloud storage services like Dropbox. It’s great!

Split iCloud Storage in Family Sharing

Now you can split the storage space with your Family Sharing account members if you have more than 200GB storage plan. Apple should have given more free iCloud Storage plans in iOS 11 as 5GB is just nothing.

Live Photos During FaceTime Calls

There’s a new toggle in the FaceTime settings for Live Photos during the call. This feature will let users capture an animated Live Photo during a FaceTime call, that will automatically be saved in the Photos app.

There are many more features in iOS 11. We are still exploring.


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