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iOS 11 Redesigns Volume Indicator, App Store and more

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iOS 11 is out now for download to Developers. Apple has unveiled their iOS 11 beta, watchOS 4 beta & new macOS High Sierra. If your device is registered to Apple Developer Program then you can install the iOS 11 beta on your iPhone & iPad right now. Register your iPhone, iPad & Mac to Apple developer program here now >

Then you will be able to install the iOS 11 beta’s on your iPhone & iPad legitimately and enjoy all the features of iOS 11 developers preview. iOS 11 is amazing. It has tons of new features and adds more functionality in your devices. You are going to love the iOS 11. If you have not updated yet then update now your iPhone & iPad now to iOS 11 beta.

iOS 11 Redesigns the Volume indicator, App Store and more

iOS 11 has brought so many changes and make your life much easier. You will start falling in love with the iOS 11 from the moment you install it. Apple has changed the volume indicator/hud to a line on the top of the screen. Means, the volume slider will never interrupt your display while you are watching something or any video.

It looks very clean and sharp now in iOS 11. I really liked this new volume slider. It’s nice. Now you can adjust volume from the bottom of your screen in iOS 11 unlike you had to go on Top in iOS 10. Apple has changed so many things in iOS 11. Now you can do Screen recording in iOS 11.

To record your screen in iOS 11, you need to first customize the new Control Center in the Settings app. Add Screen recorder in the control center and then swipe to open the control center and tap on the screen recording icon and it will start recording your screen. And it will be saved in your photo’s. That’s really great.

Apple has redesigned the App Store in iOS 11. It looks completely different now in iOS 11. Once you open up the App Store, you will see that everything looks like cards. It’s very nice. Apple is planing for a lot more in-depth editorial content with the new approach alongside a number of smaller tweaks that should make the store better for both developers and users. An entirely new redesigned App Store has been developed in iOS 11, and for the first time, apps and games are split out into cards. They are in new sections. There’s a “Today” view that’s updated every day with recommendations, developer stories, and more. Update to iOS 11 beta now and enjoy the features of iOS 11. If you have not updated to the iOS 11 beta yet then follow this link to update to iOS 11 beta right now on your iPhone & iPad right now.

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