iOS 11 has more Functions for the AirPods

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Apple yesterday released the first beta of iOS 11 to developers. iOS 11 comes up with a huge change. It gives new life to your iPhone & iPad. It has brought so many changes in iMessage, Apple Pay, Settings, Maps & new Control Center that is absolutely amazing, unified notification center & Dark mode plus many more around 100+ changes in the iOS 11. If you want to install the iOS 11 beta on your iPhone & iPad now then register your device to Apple Developer Program now for only $15. We are offering iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Tv & Mac UDID Registration to Apple Developer Program >, Hurry up as we have limited slots left in our Apple Developer Program.

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iOS 11 gives more Functions in AirPods

iOS 11 has also added more functionality in AirPods. Earlier you can only use the AirPods to control Siri or Play Songs. But now in iOS 11, you can give your AirPods more functions. You can choose what your Left AirPod will do & What your Right AirPods will do. This is definitely a great change.

You can now choose between Play/Pause, Siri,  Next Track, and Previous Track actions when you double tapping an AirPod. Additionally, you can set a different action on each AirPod, something which was not possible in iOS 10 but it’s possible now in iOS 11.

Check out our AirPods unboxing video of this year:

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  • Carl

    Got mine yesterday from Verizon Wireless online; 1st impressions were very favorable; albeit, because they were indoors in my apartment. Sound quality was impressive; (I’m used to Etymotic research ER 4PT’s), which are the Gold standard of wired earbuds. Bass & treble were quite good; dynamic range was slightly inferior; probably due to blue tooth limitations. Once I ventured out to the streets of NYC, & the Subway, the results were not as favorable. Because the ER 4PT’s, are like Volkswagen Beetles; (airtight, & soundproof), the noise from the train overtook the sound from the AirPods. Anyway, I’m going to give them a 10-14 day try, because that’s when I’ll have to return them. The convenience, & comfort of no cords, hopefully will outweigh my feelings toward sharing sounds with my ears. BTW: Amazon Music seems to work best, with AirPods; better overall dynamics; also the Studio Music Player Pro App, actually “syncs” the Airpods, or other devices you may be using; check it out!