iOS 11 features Offload Apps that will delete apps to save space

iOS 11 features Offload Apps that will delete apps to save space on your iPhone and iPad

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Apple has introduced so many features in iOS 11 beta for iPhone & iPad. One of the great new feature of iOS 11 for storage optimization is called Offload Apps. It allows you to delete the apps from your iPhone without deleting its documents and data. This is very useful when your device is running out of space. Apple did everything so great with iOS 11. If you have not updated to iOS 11 yet, then install it now by registering your iPhone, iPad UDID to Apple Developer Program >

Previously in the iOS 10.x versions, we have been “Storage & iCloud Usage” option but now it’s renamed as “iPhone Storage” in iOS 11 where you can enable Offload unused apps in the option to get more storage in your iPhone & iPad. It can automatically delete apps to save space without loosing your data that is it removes the apps you don’t use for a long time. You can re-download them anytime from the App Store.

For example, you are traveling and you do not have enough storage to shoot important photos and video. In this case, you can simply offload apps which will delete the app but not its data. This way you will give extra storage for your iPhone. You can then download the app from the new iOS 11 App Store and get all your settings as it is.

How to use Offload Apps feature in iOS 11

You can free up space in iOS 11 anytime using Offload app when your iPhone run out of storage. To do that; Not only that, you can enable the Offload App feature in iOS 11 from the general settings and let your phone automatically offload the rarely used app for you. This will only offload the app that hasn’t been used for a long time. So here is how Offloading app on iOS 11 works.

Step 1: Go to Settings –> General –> iPhone Storage

Step 2: Tap on the app that you want to Offload

Step 3: Tap on Offload app and then confirm

It will then delete the app from your iPhone but keep the documents and data of the app. The documents and data will be restored automatically when you re-install the app later. As I have already mentioned, you can also enable the automatically Offload App feature which will delete the rarely used app from your iPhone. So here is

How to enable Offload Unused Apps Automatically on your iPhone/iPad running iOS 11

You can set Offload Unused apps automatically on iOS 11 to free up space without loosing documents and data in your device. Follow these steps to set the auto mode.

Step 1: Go to Settings –> General –> iPhone Storage

Step 2: Enable the Offload Unused Apps option

That’s all! It will then delete the app that you use rarely.

This is a nice feature in iOS 11 which aims to save more storage on your iPhone/iPad. Let us know what you think about this feature…So be sure to check out every day and don’t forget to find us on Twitter @iAppleStuffs and also find us on Apple News. If you have not updated to iOS 11 beta yet, then you are missing a lot of new features. Here are the top reasons for you to install iOS 11 beta on your iPhone & iPad now >

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