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iOS 11 features new effects, editing tools for Live Photo

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Apple has introduced new features in iOS 11 beta. Now you will be able to edit live photo’s more easily and use new effects. There are many great features in iOS 11 beta for iPhone & iPad. It truly brings new life to your iPhone & iPad. iOS 11 is super fast just like a liquid butter, the animations are so smooth. The drag & drop features, new Control Center are just amazing. Apple has already released the iOS 11 beta to developers. You can also get access to iOS 11 beta now by registering your iPhone/iPad to Apple Developer Program >. Then you can install the iOS 11 beta on your device and enjoy all the new features of the upcoming iOS 11. So if you have not updated yet to iOS 11 beta, then you are missing a lot of new features. Install the iOS 11 now on your iPhone & iPad.

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iOS 11 new features: Live photo edit, key photo & effects

In this article, I guide you on How to can edit the live photos more with your iPhone photo app in iOS 11.  Here’s a iOS 11 guide on how to set a new Key Photo, & use the new effects on, and trim Live Photos on a compatible iPhone.

Step 1: First of all, Select a Live Photo from your Photos app on your iPhone. Then tap on the edit. Then at the bottom, you will see a timeline with many images of the live photo. Just tap any one of them to set it a Key Photo.

Step 2:  Once you have set the best photo of the live photo as a key photo, swipe up in the photo to pull out the new effect section.

Step 3: Over here, you will see the new effects that Apple has introduced in iOS 11. The new effects are – Loop, Bounce, Long Exposure and others. Tap on any of them to see the new effect. Apple the effect, Then save it and enjoy it.

This how you can get more out your Live Photo’s in iOS 11. This is only possible iOS 11. Apple did a great job in iOS 11. All the features are really great. Install the iOS 11 beta now and enjoy all the new features and give your device a new life.

How to Trim Your Live Photo

Step 1: Open the Photos app and select the Live Photo that you want to trim.

Step 2: Tap the edit button.

Step 3: On the new scrubber that just appeared on the bottom of the screen, slide the left and right handles along the timeline in order to change the start and end points of your Live Photo.

Step 4: Tap the Done button.

So this is how you can trim live photo in the iOS 11. I really like the iOS 11. New beta’s are expected to come next week. Stay turned so iAppleStuffs. And if you have not yet updated to iOS 11, watchOS 4 & macOS High Sierra then hurry up and register your iPhone UDID now to Apple Developer Program here > and get access to iOS 11 beta developers preview right now. iOS 11 is great.


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