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iOS 11 allows you to share your wifi passwords in easy way

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iOS 11 is available for Download to Developers Now with a lot of features. Apple unveiled their iOS 11 beta,watchOS 4, MacOS High Sierra on the WWDC keynote. iOS 11 brought more than 100+ changes in the iOS. It gives a new life to your iPhone & iPad. It got more settings for AirPods, Apple Pay, Settings App, App Store revamped and much more. Now in iOS 11 users can easy join a Wifi network with a new password sharing process between trusted devices.  If you want to install the iOS 11 beta on your device now and enjoy all the latest features then register now to Apple Developer Program here >

How to Share Wifi network password in iOS 11

This is an Amazing feature of iOS 11 that it lets users share a Wifi network password without even typing it to another trusted devices running on iOS 11. One+1 phones have this features. Now it’s in iPhone also with iOS 11.

For the case of Apple Devices, Only one condition is that, All devices must be running iOS 11, and it appears that macOS High Sierra will support the feature as well.


After navigating to Settings > Wi-Fi and choosing the right network, the iPhone user is greeted with the traditional password screen (seen above),


but on iOS 11 when the iPhone is brought near the iPad, a card on the iPad notifies its user that the iPhone wants to join the network (seen below).


The iPad user can then tap and send their password to the iPhone, which recognizes the password, fills out the information, and connect to the Wi-Fi. As Apple notes, the iOS device or Mac with knowledge of the network’s password must be unlocked for the transfer process to work.

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