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How to install watchOS 4 beta on Apple Watch now

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Apple released the watchOS 4 beta, iOS 11 beta and new macOS High Sierra to Apple Developers. Registered developers can now install them. You don’t have an Apple Developer Account then you can register your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch to our Apple Developer Program and install the latest watchOS 4 & iOS 11 on your device. Register your device UDID to Apple Developer Program here:

iOS 11 & watchOS 4 UDID Registration to Apple Dev. Program

Installing watchOS 4 beta is very easy. Apple has added more than 50+ changes in the watchOS 4. There are new Watch Faces, new Dock, New Music app and more. So let’s get started with installing the watchOS 4 beta. Install the watchOS 4 now on your Apple Watch and enjoy all the new 50+ features on your Apple Watch.

How to Install watchOS 4 Beta

Step #1: Make sure, you iPhone is updated to iOS 11. Follow this article to install iOS 11 beta on your iPhone Now. Else you can’t install the watchOS 4 on your Apple watch. Also, your iPhone & iPad UDID is not registered to Apple Developer Program then don’t install it. Add your device to Apple Developer Program here then go with the installation. Else, you may get stuck in Activation error or brick your device. And, you are already a registered developer then go to this link and download the watchOS beta 4 profile from the developer site.

Step #2: If you have registered your device to Apple Developer Program from iAppleStuffs UDID registration page, then check our email for the watchOS 4 beta profile.

Step #3: Next, tap on the watchOS 4 beta Configuration Profile and install it.

Step #4: Choose a Device pop-up will appear and you have to choose Apple Watch.

Step #5: Now tap on Install and type in your passcode.

Step #6: Confirm your action by tapping on Install again.

Step #7: Finally, tap on Restart so that your Apple Watch will restart.

Above process will install watchOS beta certificate on your Apple Watch.

How to Install watchOS 4 Beta on Apple Watch

Once you have installed the watchOS4 beta profile then you can go ahead and install the watchOS4 on your Apple watch.

Step #1: First, connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network and then launch Watch app.

Step #2: Next, tap on My Watch→ General→ Software Update.

Step #3: Now tap Download & Install watchOS 4 beta. (It make take 1-2hours to download the file, depending on your internet speed).

Step #4: You need to type in your password on iPhone.

Step #5: Then tap Agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Step #6: Finally, tap Install either on your iPhone or on Apple Watch.

It is done! This will initiate the process to update software. Your device will restart once the process is finished. How are you liking the watchOS 4? I like the new watchOS face in the watchOS 4. It’s amazing.

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