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Checkout the new revamped App Store in iOS 11

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iOS 11 brings lots of changes and new features for the iPhone & iPad. Overall, it has changed all the apps on your iPhone. One of the top features in iOS 11 is the new revamped App Store. Apple has changed the App Store totally in iOS 11. The new redesigned App Store dramatically changes the look and feel of Apple’s app marketplace.

Apple released the iOS 11 beta for developers on 5th June 2017. Registered developers can now install the iOS 11 beta, watchOS 4 beta on their devices. You can also install the iOS 11 on your iPhone now by registering your iPhone & iPad UDID to Apple Developer Program. We are offering iPhone UDID registration to Apple Developer Program, if you are interested then register your iPhone to Apple Developer Program now.


Apple revamps the App Store. It has now four new sections. Today, Games, Apps, updates & search. We have covered a depth review of the new App Store of iOS 11.

Every day Apple updates the Today sections with latest Apps, Games and other featured updates. All looks like Cards now. Another section is the Game Section where you will get all the games and it’s categories. Apps Sections is also like the Games sections. The navigation system in the App Store is super simple now. You will start loving it the moment you install the iOS 11 beta. If you haven’t updated the to iOS 11 yet, then update now and enjoy all the features of iOS 11.

Apple drops the 32 bit apps, they will no longer work in the iOS 11 unless they are updated. iOS 11 gives a new life to your iPhone & iPad. Check out the Top features of iOS 11 beta here >

iOS 11 new App Store Full review

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