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Apple unveils the iOS 11 beta with iMessage Pay, Music App revamp, Siri Deep learning, AI, AR & App Store

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Apple unveils iOS 11 with huge updates starting with Siri, Music App revamp, iMessage upgrades with Apple Pay (Person to Person), Camera App upgrades – HEVC, A brand new Control Center, Lock screen unification, Maps goes inside Malls & Airports, Homekit, Airplay 2, AI & AR and more. This is going to give your iPhone & iPad a new life.

Apple releases iOS 11 beta with all new features

Apple introduced a new Siri upgrade for iOS 11 at the WWDC 2017 keynote. Siri gets deep learning, it can now translate and many more. Apple gave natural voice in Siri. Siri is going to be your best friend now in iOS 11.

Apple is releasing the iOS 11, watchOS 4, MacOS High Sierra beta after the WWDC keynote later today. Registered developers can now install the iOS 11 beta on their iPhone & iPad today. If you have not registered your iPhone, iPad to Apple Developer Program yet, then register it now for $15 only and install the latest iOS 11 beta in your device and Enjoy all these exciting features.

In addition to a new sound, the Siri interface has been revamped to look more aesthetically pleasing and modern. Siri will also work with seamlessly iCloud. This will allow Siri to learn everything about you from your calendar, Frequent Locations, News usage, events, and more.

It’s huge update in iOS 11, The Control Center & Notification Center. Finally we are getting a brand new Control Center in iOS 11. I am already loving it. It looks nothing like the previous design, with more of a widget-style interface and yes—it’s back to a single page. There is bars now, you can get the full advantage of 3D touch in the Control Center. There is No disturb while driving.

Now you can pay in iMessage using Apple Pay to your peers. Sending money using iMessage is just super simple. You will love it. There is split view in iOS 11 now for the iPad. There is Drag & Drop in iPad in iOS 11. It’s a drag fast. Keyboard is super productive now in iOS 11. Super Fast & Super easy.

Apple also introduces ” Files ” App in App Store for the iOS 11. Apple revamps the Apple Music App. Now i am leaving Spotify and going back to Apple Music tonight. It’s mind blowing. Messages in iOS 11 gains iCloud syncing, revamped app drawer & more.

Apple Maps gets a huge upgrade. Now you can navigate inside Shopping Malls, Airports in the Apple Maps. It’s going to make your Life much easier. And Apple shows off the completely revamped App Store in iOS 11. We will cover it full in another post. Stay tuned. If you want to install iOS 11 beta today then register your iPhone, iPad to Apple Developer Program now > and get the all features of iOS 11 beta legitimately. Cheers!

iOS 11 takes your iPhone & iPad to a whole new different level.

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