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macOS 10.13 Wishlist – New features in upcoming macOS

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Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is happening on June 5, and along with a new beta version of iOS 11, watchOS 4 and also the next-generation version of macOS, macOS 10.13. We’ve got no rumors on what to expect in macOS 10.13, so whatever Apple introduces will come as a total surprise. macOS is the world’s most advanced operating system. We want new changes in the upcoming new macOS. The macOS Sierra didn’t bring up any huge changes. We have got some wishlist for the new macOS 10.13.

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macOS 10.13 wishlist

Here are some wislits for the new macOS 10.13. We all want a change in the new macOS. There are the top wishlist collected.

Revamp Apple Music: Apple music is great but i think, Spotify is way much better. It’s time for Apple to redesign the Apple Music and playlists. AirPods users also gets issues while playing on Spotify. They don’t get the full control like we get in the Apple Music. Please Apple, revamp the Apple Music app in iOS and macOS both.

Multiple Active docks: One of the best features of mac is that we can work on many displays but the drawback is that you got dock in desktop only. So while using multiple displays, it would be really great to have access to separate docks for each display.

HomeKit: Connected home products can be controlled through Siri or a dedicated Home app on iOS devices, but on the Mac, there’s no built-in way to interface with a HomeKit setup. A Home app for the Mac would be a welcome addition, and perhaps the Mac could even serve as a HomeKit hub like the Apple TV and the iPad.

More features in the Dark Mode: macOS Sierra already has a Dark Mode that darkens the dock and the drop down menus across the operating system only, but several iAppleStuffs readers would like to see an expanded Dark Mode that darkens all interface elements like Finder and Notification Center. There should be some new changes in the system theme.

iPad/Apple TV second screen: This is unlikely to happen, but one reader wants to use an iPad or an Apple TV as a second screen for a Mac. This suggestion overlaps with the iOS 11 wishlist, where readers said they would like to be able to use their iPads as a secondary Mac display and as a drawing tablet.

The combination of  Siri & search Spotlight: macOS Sierra got Siri but how much do we use the siri in mac ? We use the search bar more than siri. We would like to see Siri and Spotlight combined on the Mac, allowing for a unified search/Siri experience. With Siri integrated into Spotlight, Mac users would be able to type Siri requests and get the same search result with voice or text. Users also want to see Siri improvements, which could happen as Apple is rumored to be working on new Siri features.

FaceTime Picture-in-picture: macOS Sierra brought picture-in-picture support to the Mac for videos, but it doesn’t extend to FaceTime. That’s a problem that prevents FaceTime from being used with a full-screen app because the FaceTime video window doesn’t stay on top.

Better full-screen options:  For users who like to take advantage of full-screen apps, better management options would be welcome. An option to open a new window in Split View from the dock or an iPad-style drag-to-close feature would improve Split View.

Messages – In macOS, there’s no support for stickers or other Messages features. Adding support in the next version of macOS would bring macOS in line with iOS.

Apple News – The Apple News app is limited to iOS devices, but it could easily be brought over to the Mac as a native app. btw, Follow iAppleStuffs, in your Apple News app.

Let us know what features are you hoping for Apple to introduce in macOS 10.13? Cheers!


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