Rumor: iPhone 8 will have TouchID on the back

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Apple’s rumored “iPhone 8″ to have OLED display, Wireless Charging and there is a “high chance” that Touch ID will be on it’s backside in the middle of the iPhone now say, Hong Kong-based equity research firm CLSA. See the iPhone 8 mockup with rear Touch ID sensor by Benjamin Gaskin on this article.

iPhone 8 will have Touch ID on the back


An excerpt from a research note distributed this week by CLSA analysts Sebastian Hou and Brian Chen:
iPhone to ditch fingerprint sensor? We don’t think so.
Both Samsung and Apple tried to enable in-display fingerprint sensing on full-screen OLED phones in 2017, but their optical tech seems immature and the major iPhone 8 bottleneck. Some thus speculate the fingerprint sensor will be removed and replaced by 3D sensing. Our latest supply chain checks indicate the iPhone 8 will still have the sensor given security, user-friendliness, and a need for payments infrastructure, but there is a high chance it will be on the back like Samsung’s Galaxy S8.
CLSA created a diagram showing Touch ID placed slightly below the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone.

Samsung included a fingerprint sensor on the back of the Galaxy S8, but some reviews found it to be awkwardly positioned next to the camera. Apple placing Touch ID lower down could make it easier to reach.

The diagram also shows a vertically-aligned dual-lens camera, a widely rumored iPhone 8 feature seen in previous renders. There also appear to be additional modules next to the front-facing camera, likely for rumored 3D sensing and facial recognition functionality. The diagram suggests the iPhone 8 will be 144mm tall and 71mm wide, making it slightly larger than an iPhone 7 but smaller than an iPhone 7 Plus as expected. With a depth of 7.69mm, the iPhone 8 would be just a hair thicker than the iPhone 5s, if the dimensions CLSA lists prove to be accurate.

iPhone 8 will be having iOS 11. Apple is going to release the iOS 11 beta’s from 5th June, which is next month. If you want to install iOS 11 beta, then register your iPhone UDID to Apple Developer Program at our iOS 11 UDID registration page and get ready to install it on june 5th right after the WWDC event.

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Source: MacRumors

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