iOS 11 UDID Register to Apple Developer Program

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    Just paid for my iPhone and iPad. I am ready for iOS 11. I can’t wait… so excited for the new iOS.

    • Hi,
      I just registered both of your devices to Apple Developer Account. You can install the iOS 11 developers version on june 5th after the WWDC 2017 event. We are hoping iOS 11 beta and watchOS4 along with new macOS 10.13 will be released right after the wwdc keynote.

      I am also excited for the iOS 11 ! 😀

  • So for $15 do I get my own dev account to like submit apps and stuff or is it $15 just to register a device or devices for betas?!

    • Hii donald,
      Its for registering a device for installing all betas for full 1 year. Thanks

      • Okay, thanks! So if I wanted to run betas on my iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac I would be paying $45?

    • You need to register your iPhone & Mac only. No need to reg your Apple watch. So it will cost you a $30 only.

  • Aria Sophie

    Got my udid confirmation within less than 10 minutes. Thanks for the register. I have installed currently the latest ios version 10.3.3 beta. It worked perfectly. Let me know when ios 11 comes out. God im so excited. I subscribed to your youtube channel also. xoxo