How to remove Windows from your Mac

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There are several ways to wipe off the Windows from you Mac. It’s really easy and just a matter of few steps. You can easily do it. On this article i will give you the step by step guideline for removing windows from your mac. You will be using only 1 tool that is – Boot Camp AssistantWhich is already installed on your macOS.

uninstall windows from mac

How to remove Windows from mac

First of all, Back-up all important data stored on your Windows partition before you remove Windows. Just copy your important files and save them somewhere. These are instructions on how to remove a Windows OS Boot Camp partition from your mac and expand your MacOS partition to regain the newly available hard drive space.

Step 1: Turn on your Mac in macOS. Means, Simply start up your mac in macOS.

Step 2: Quit all open apps and log out any other users if you are logged in. If any app is not closing, just Force Close everything.

Step 3: Open Boot Camp Assistant, then click Continue. You will find this in your utility folder in Application.

Remove windows from mac

Step 4: If the Select Tasks step appears, select “Remove Windows 7 or later version” or “Remove Windows 10 or later version,” then click Continue.

Step 5: Do one of the following, you are almost done.

Step 6: If your Mac has a single internal disk, click Restore. It may ask you for your account password. Just give it.. Now just wait few minutes. And windows will be gone.

Watch the Video Instructions for removing windows from your mac

If your Mac has multiple internal disks, select the Windows disk, select “Restore disk to a single macOS partition,” then click Continue. That’s all. You have removed windows from your mac. To make the instructions easier, i have created a video tutorial for you. Be sure to subscribe my youtube channel @iAppleStuffsPRO


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