Apple’s Siri smart speaker to have voice controls with physical touch panel

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Apple’s upcoming Siri-Smart speaker will likely offer physical controls with some kind of dedicated touch panel, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities revealed on Saturday. He is the one who also said about the iPad 10.5 release on WWDC’17.


Kuo offered new details on the rumored Apple competitor to Amazon Echo in a note to investors. The leak comes only days after Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller argued that voice assistant devices should have screens to complement the audible input.

“[There are] many moments where a voice assistant is really beneficial, but that doesn’t mean you’d never want a screen,” Schiller said. “So the idea of not having a screen, I don’t think it suits many situations.”

Kuo’s note simply referred to the physical input on the Siri home speaker as a “touch panel,” so it is not clear yet, whether the device will boast a dynamic screen or something much simpler. Apple always makes things simple, makes is easier for the users to use it.  So Siri speakers will be easy too. We are not sure about Siri coming with a display, but I think, Apple won’t miss the opportunity.

As for when the accessory could be released, Kuo gives it 50-50 odds for an announcement at next month’s Worldwide Developers Conference, which will kick off with a keynote on June 5. He said Saturday he believes it is more likely that Apple’s anticipated 10.5-inch iPad Pro, with a larger display achieved with a thinner bezel, will be unveiled at the conference.

Apple may release the Siri-Smart speakers to beat the Amazon Echo dots or even go after display with Amazon Echo show which costs around $230.

In terms of suppliers, Kuo believes Inventec and Longwell will be the main beneficiaries from Apple’s new Siri speaker. Want to install iOS 11 beta, then register your iPhone to Apple Developer Program now here > and get ready for it to install on 5th June 2017 when the first developer version is out after the wwdc’17.


[via Apple Insider]
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