Apple airs new iPhone 7 Plus Ad ‘The City’ focuses on Portrait Mode

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Apple did a great job with the iPhone 7 Plus, especially it’s portrait mode. It’s was the reason that got me buying the iPhoe 7 Plus when it was out, else I was really happy with my iPhone 6s. Apple is very creative when it comes to ads.

Now the company is back at it again, publishing a new video ad entitled “The City.” It measures in at just over one minute in length and focuses on a pair of people walking through a city in China. This new iPhone 7 plus ads focuses on the 7 plus camera again.

The description of the video reads as such:

“With Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus, you can focus on what you love and leave everything else behind.”

And, to highlight that feature, we watch as the two characters are the only ones left to walk around the city, taking photos with the iPhone 7 Plus, utilizing the Portrait Mode along the way. We also get the “Practically Magic” tag there at the end of the video, too, courtesy of Apple.

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And check out the new  iPhone 7 plus Ad below:



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