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How to install iOS beta on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

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It’s really easy to install iOS beta, watchOS beta version on your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch. Apple always releases an iOS beta version a few months back to developers early before it’s final release to the public. I will guide you till the end on installing the iOS beta versions and watchOS versions in this article. This is the universal guideline which means, you can always follow this steps to install any iOS beta versions (i.e – iOS 10.x beta, iOS 11.x Beta, watchOS 3.x beta, watchOS 4.x beta etc).

Apple releases the beta versions to registered Apple Developers early. First of all, to install any beta versions on your device you need to have your iPhone/iPad/iPod/Apple Watch registered to an Apple Developer Account. If you don’t have an Apple Developer Account then you can register your iPhone/iPad/iPod/AppleWatch/ Mac udid to Apple developer Program from this link > Once you have registered your device udid to Apple Developer Account then simply follow this steps to install the iOS beta versions in your device legitimately. So let’s get started.


How to install iOS beta versions directly on your iDevice:

By following this steps above you will be able to install any iOS beta on your iPhone, iPad & iPod touch. Be sure to follow every steps properly as mentioned bellow to avoid any errors. So start upgrading your device to next upcoming iOS version early. You will be able to enjoy all the features of the beta versions also.

Step 1: Register your iPhone/iPad/iPod UDID to Apple Developer Account. It will give you access to install and activate the iOS beta versions on your device.

Step 2: Visit iAppleStuffs Download page from your idevice to download the iOS beta/watchOS beta profile in your iPhone.

Step 3: Once you install the profile, it will ask for a reboot. Just reboot the device.

Step 4: Go to Settings app -> General -> Software update on your device & Tap check for new version.

Step 5: A latest iOS Beta will appear and you will be able to update your device without Mac or PC.


How to install iOS beta From a PC or Mac

  1. Download latest firmware from Our partners for your device model (you can check it on the back of your device).
  2. Connect your iOS device to PC or Mac via USB cable.
  3. Open iTunes (Download iTunes).
  4. Click on your device icon in top right corner of iTunes.
  5. Check that you are on “Summary” tab.
  6. Hold Option (⌥) on Mac or Shift on Windows PC and click “Restore” button.
  7. Select firmware you have already downloaded.
  8. Now let itunes update you the iOS beta version and then just simply setup your device.


Done! Please wait a little until beta firmware will be installed on your device. Then simply activate your iPhone.

Current the latest beta versions are: iOS 10.3.2 beta 5, watchOS 3.2 beta.
Apple will be releasing the iOS 11 beta & watchOS 3.3 beta plus a new macOS beta 10.13 on this June 5th 2017 after the WWDC’2017 event. Stay with iAppleStuffs for the latest news of Apple.


FAQ & Errors Fix:

“This device is not a part of developer program” – It error comes when you have installed the beta versions without registering your device udid to Apple Developer Program, just register your device udid to Apple Developer program here from this page > and wait few hours and connect your device to wifi and this error will go away and you can simple activate your device.  Sometimes, It takes some time for Apple servers to recognize your device after we have successfully registered it. If you are getting this error after 24 hours from registration, please email us.

Error 3002” – you have held Shift+”Update” instead of Shift+”Restore”, please check instruction #No.6.

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