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Apple gives “Vantage Calendar” as Free App of the Week, worths $4 [Download]

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Every week Apple gives a paid app for free on the App Store. I must say, the selected apps are amazing 80% times. This week Apple has selected “Vantage Calendar” as its free App of the Week. I never heard of this app until today. I downloaded the app for free from the App Store which is worth $4. You can download this app free right now also, Go to this link to Download Vintage Calendar App for free thought this week. After this week this app will be paid again and will cost $4 if you want to purchase it.

Did I like Vantage Calendar app?

I was always using the Fantastical Calendar app on my iPhone, iPad, and mac. The app is nice. But when I first downloaded the Vantage Calendar App today I was amazed. Their User Interface is just amazing and so classy. The looks are cool and scrolling is classy. I loved it. They have the killer looks.

Look does a great job, what about features? Well, they have done a great job also in the features. The features are nice and give a new life to a calendar. I really liked the part where I can add icons in my events. It’s nice. It will integrate will all the calendar apps in your iPhone and give you the perfect calendar and you will always use this calendar and remove others, may be. It’s amazing.

Vantage is loaded with design options like many colors, pictures/stickers, and new fonts so that you can let the events you showcase your style and stand out to get a great view over the days to come. You can also, turn any event into a To-Do to a checklist.

Vantage Calendar syncs flawlessly with Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook, Facebook Events and just about any other calendar that supports iPhone or iPad.

You can download Vantage Calendar from the App Store free for a limited time.

Did you know, Apple has released iOS 10.3 beta 4 to developers, if you have not installed it yet, register your iPhone to Apple Developer Account from here and install all the latest iOS beta versions!

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