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How to Use Theater Mode in Apple Watch

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Apple just released the watchOS 3.2 with theater mode for everyone. The watchOS 3.2 is much faster than the previous version. If you haven’t updated yet, then update your Apple watch now to the latest watchOS version. Apple will be releasing the watchOS 4 version on June 25th, if you want to install it on your Apple watch when it’s released then register your Apple Watch UDID to Apple Developer Program here for only $15 >

WatchOS 3.2 is out now and How to use the Theater Mode

It’s an smart watch but the Apple Watch works as a different thing to different people. It works as a timepiece, as a workout tracker, and for controlling music and podcast apps and more. But sometimes you just want the Apple Watch to stop lighting up every 3 seconds. To me, it wasn’t that annoying, i liked but many people didn’t want it to blink. Apple has released a feature in watchOS 3.2 just to take care of this – called Theater Mode. It’s the main feature of watchOS 3.2. Let’s show you how to use it.

Theater Mode lives in Control Center. Swipe up from the watch face and you’ll see a new icon that shows two greek theater masks. Tap on it and you’ll get a new screen. Here you’ll see an explanation of what Theater Mode does.

Tap on the Theater Mode button to engage it.

In the Control Center you’ll now see that the icon has a yellow background. Even on the watch face you’ll see a yellow mask icon at the top to denote that Theater Mode is turned on. Tap the side button or the crown to wake up the screen.

To disable Theater Mode go back to the Control Center and tap the Theater Mode icon. That’s how easy is that. Apple has also released the iOS 10.3 final version and macOS Sierra 10.13.4 as well and all are available to update for free.

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