Easiest way to Clean and speed up your mac with CleanMyMac 3
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Easiest way to clean your mac and make it faster with CleanMyMac 3

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CleanMyMac 3 is your one-stop solution when it comes to clean your mac and make it faster.  MacPaw’s Clean My Mac 3 has been updated with powerful features that will scan your mac and clean up all the junk files and give you the leverage to optimize your mac. When you clean up the junk files and unnecessary apps that are making your mac slow it will automatically speed up your mac and give you back the storage as well. It Cleans, optimizes, maintains your Mac and scans every inch of your system, removes gigabytes of junk in just two clicks, and monitors the health of your Mac. On this article, I will show you step by step how it works along with all its features. Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and watch the full tutorial on how to clean your mac with CleanMyMac 3.

How to Clean and Speedup your mac with CleanMyMac 3

Clean My Mac 3 is a very smart app which fully scans your mac to clean & optimize it for better performance. The user interface is very simple and easy to use. You get all the features and option on the screen. Also on the tittle bar, you will also see a small mac icon of CleanMyMac3 to easily navigate to settings and optimize your mac just from the top bar at your mac. From the glance, you will get to see an overview of your mac and it’s memory, battery life, and Trash. My favorite part is to clean my memory (Free Up Ram) just with one click.

The very first time I installed the App, I was really amazed to see such a nice and great interface. It’s just so easy to understand how it works. You can do it with just 2 simple clicks. And it clicks on Scan and then it will do it’s work then you just click on Clean. And you It’s done. At the very first time, it removed more than 8 GB junk files from my MacBook pro. I didn’t even know that i had that much of junk files on my Mac. Now everyday i use Clean My Mac 3 for cleaning my mac, uninstalling apps to boost up my ram and free up my storage. I really love this app and i will recommend all my users to download this app and if you like it then you can purchase the full version well. It’s just worth it ! It’s is a super simple and powerful application for keeping your Mac clean, maintained, Optimized and healthy.

So let’s start with How to use it to clean your mac, It’s so easy that you can finish it with just 2 clicks. If you have not downloaded it yet, then you can download it from their official macpaw website. Then just put the app into your application folder and just open it.

Now once you click on Scan, it will scan your mac for the junk files and everything which you don’t need. It’s a smart app which understands which you really need and what is a junk file. In a scan i just found 21GB junk file on my macmini. Once you scan it, then just click on Clean. That’s it and you are done. This app will clean all the files for you.

The app has more features than just cleaning. You can remove system junks files, clean Photo junks, Mail attachments, iTunes Junk and clean trash. What i like most is that it easily identifies and which you the list of your Large and old files and then you can select and delete them.

There are more additional powerful functions.

Uninstaller: You can uninstall any unwanted app directly from this app. Apps & it’s extension’s everything you can completely wipe off your mac. It’s amazing.

Maintenance: It can perform functions like Flush DNS Cache, Speed up mail, reindex sportlight, verify startup disk and more.

This app is amazing and loved by all pro mac users. If you want to clean your mac and maintain it properly then this app is a must for you. You can download this app from the official website of macpaw.

That’s not just it. The most thing i love about this app is here to control things from my start menu. Just at the Top of your screen in the Apple menu. You will notice a CleanMyMac3 icon, from you can almost control memory, battery life, and Trash. I always free up my ram from there. It’s handy and fast.

I think I speak for you. As a mac pro user, i know what we want and this CleanMyMac 3 completes our thirst. It cleans the mac clean and optimized! Hats off to macpaw for making such a great app.

Download Clean My Mac 3 from macpaw official website.

Checkout the video review of MacPaw’s CleanMyMac 3 below:

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