How to Downgrade to iOS 10.2 right now

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I am going to tell you to downgrade back to iOS 10.2 right now if you are in iOS 10.2.1 or iOS 10.3 beta. I admit that iOS 10.3 is much faster and better than iOS 10.2.1 and lower but if you want to jailbreak then stick to iOS 10.2. If you want to update to iOS 10.3 beta then register your iPhone UDID to Apple Developer Account here > and install the latest iOS beta on your iPhone.

On this article, i will teach you how you can update/downgrade your iPhone,iPad, and iPod in iOS 10.2. Then you will get the liberty to jailbreak and all enjoy all the Cydia tweaks. I will upload the jailbreak video in a while, subscribe to my YouTube Channel (iAppleStuffsPRO) and stay tuned for the video.

iOS 10.2 Downgrade/Update process:

Before we start, you will need few things:
– A Computer (windows/Mac)
– iTunes latest version installed. (Download Link)
– iOS 10.2 firmware ipsw file. (Download Link)
– Turn OFF “Find My iPhone” in Settings app > iCloud > Find my iPhone.

Let’s start now. Follow these steps and you will be back in iOS 10.2. Then check out our website for the updated article on Jailbreaking iOS 10.2.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC.

Step 2: If you want your files unchanged or keep it the way it is then, Create a backup in iTunes. so later you can restore it from iTunes. But I will always recommend to step up as new always. It’s much better.

Step 3: Hold the Option (Mac Users) / Shift (Windows Users) button on your keyboard and Click on Restore in iTunes.

Step 4: Now a window will pop up, select the iOS 10.2 ipsw file which you have downloaded.

Step 5: Now relax and chill. Let iTunes do its work. And within 10 mins you will be back in iOS 10.2

Step 6: Now setup your iPhone, or restore a backup from iTunes.

– iOS 10.3 changes your file system, so you can’t backup data to iOS 10.2. It’s won’t work.
– You can only always downgrade if apple is signing that ipsw. Else you can’t.
– Enjoy.

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