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How to stop Calendar Spam Invites in iPhone iPad in iOS 10

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Many users are complaining that they are getting spam events notifications on their calendar. You are not alone, I am also facing the same issue. First, I didn’t understand why I am getting these notifications in my calendar app via Notification center. I ignored them at first. But it was getting really annoying that every after few minutes I was getting these spammy notifications. It was very annoying !

Well, It’s on the mac also ! We know that iPhone and macs run the world’s most advanced operating systems – iOS and macOS. They are extremely secured. Then how it’s possible ?


I kept on declining those invitations, you are probably doing so. But it’s not going to the stop the incoming of these spam invitations. So here i will show you how you can stop these spam calendar invitations from your iCloud, iPhone  & iPad.

How to fix Calendar Spam invitations

The fix is quite easy and it will fix the annoying problem. So let’s get started:

1) Open any browser and navigate to and log in using your Apple ID.

2) Click on the Calendar application > go to Settings icon (looks like a gear icon) then select Preferences

4) Click on the Advanced tab.


5) Now In the invitations > Select Email To (give any email address here) and save it.

This won’t stop the spam but at least you will get not notifications on your iPhone, iPad, iPod & Mac. So now let’s go for its final fix.

Follow these steps, for your better understanding, i have also added the screenshots in each step.

Step 1: Open the Calendar app on your iPhone. Then go to Calenders at the bottom. Then tap on Edit at the top on your left side.














Step 2: Now tap on “Add Calendar..” and create a new calendar and name it “Get rid of spam




Step 3: Now go to calendar main page again, then tap on ‘inbox’ at the right bottom side on your screen. Then go to Replied / Inbox and accept the spam invitations in your “Get rid of spam” calendar which you have just created in the last step.

Step 5: Now tap on the (i) icon in that calendar ” Get rid of spam” and delete the calendar.



Done. This is how you get rid of these spam events invitations and delete them. Well, the sad part is, this is not the full solutions but it so far saves yours from the invitations and notifications. The beauty of this trick is to let the spammers know that you have accepted the invitations and you they don’t know that you have deleted them. Apple is aware of this problems, as it’s reported as spam. Apple is finding a way to fix it. We will update this post when apple gives a permanent solution of this problem.


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