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Hidden macOS Sierra features that you probably did not know about

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If you are a mac owner running MacOS Sierra then there is a chance that you didn’t know about these hidden features. Every mac users should know these features to ease the activity on your mac. Mac is a very powerful operating system, it’s actually world’s most advanced operating system. Now you can uncover these hidden features and use your mac to its full productivity like a power user. Here are the hidden features of macOS Sierra that you probably didn’t know about:

Hidden features in macOS Sierra

There are lots of features in macOS Sierra. We will disclose the most important ones here which you probably didn’t know about. Apple always releases the upcoming macOS beta version every month. If you want to use the macOS beta versions then you need to register your mac to an Apple Developer Account first. So you can register your mac,iPhone,Apple Watch to one of our Apple Developer Account, it will give you legitimate access to install the latest MacOS , iOS, WatchOS on your devices. So register your iPhone/iPad/Mac to Apple Developer Account here >

So let’s start with the hidden features now below:

Open Siri using Keyboard


We all over Siri, Don’t we ? Yes, we do. I use Siri a lot. Now apple has added Siri in macOS Sierra. It is one to the biggest feature of macOS Sierra. If you notice at your Apple Bar at the top there in the left last side you will see the Siri icon, also SIRI is in your Dock. But most ofter we are lazy to click there to open Siri. Siri can do a lot of things for you in mac. You can also turn on “Hey Siri” handsfree on your mac just like in iPhone 6s and above. Check out post on How to Enable “Hey Siri” Hands-free on Mac >

If you probably didn’t know that you can toggle Siri on my using a keyboard shortcut. Just hold ” Command + Spacebar ” for about 3 seconds long and it will turn on Siri. It’s amazing.

Notes App collaboration


Now you can share your notes with others. You can directly collaborate in your default Note App on your iPhone,iPad,Mac. It’s great and very productive. It works like Evernote app. It’s even better. Apple is improving it’s Note app since iOS 7. In iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra they started the collaboration function in their native Notes app. There is a Contact+ icon in the top right side in the Notes app, click here and then add people whom you want to give access to this notes. In fact, I also use it with my wife to note down which stuff to buy, like groceries etc..

Space Bar Functions


The spacebar in your Keyboard is very useless and functional. Now in macOS Sierra you can use the Space bar for many works. Simply head to System Preferences > Keyboards > Text and make sure that Add period with double-space is checked. So you can add periods with double space tap. Well, Most of the time I use my spacebar for opening Spotlight. You can open spotlight using “Command + Spacebar ” on your keyboard.

Picture-in-Picture in macOS Sierra


Now you can enable Picture-in-picture (PiP) in MacOS Sierra. If might know that Apple has enrolled in function into their macOS Sierra. To enable picture in picture mode, just watch a video on youtube, naming youtube – Please Subscribe to our YouTube Channel First – iAppleStuffsPRO.

Okey, lets play a youtube video now, For example: How to get new Macbook Touch Bar on any Mac. Then right click on the video, you won’t find the ” Enter Picture in Picture ” option in the menu. You will just see the normal youtube ordinary menu. Don’t worry,  Don’t touch it, leave it aside and again Right-click on any other side in the video. Now you will see the Enter Picture in Picture option. Click on it and done! Enjoy.

Universal Clipboard

Universal Clipboard mac

I will say that, it is the best thing in macOS Sierra. Now you can just copy something in your iPhone and you can directly Paste it on your Mac. Just make sure that, you all apple devices are signed into the same iCloud Account / Apple ID. Else the universal Clipboard won’t work. You can also copy anything in your Mac and Paste it on your iPhone. Its very useful. I just love this feature in macOS Sierra.


So these hidden features are very interesting and helpful. Hope this article helps you. There are so many other hidden features in macOS Sierra, we will cover them also. Stay tuned. Enjoy all the features and if you want to update to iOS 10.2 beta / watchOS beta or macOS Sierra beta’s then register your iPhone, Mac to Apple Developer Account here > 

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  • Dylan Clements

    None of these are hidden, most of them were talked about in the keynote. Come back when you have something worthwhile to write about, yeesh.