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Get the new Macbook’s Touch Bar on any mac

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Apple added the new Touch Bar in their new Macbook pro this year. If are interested in in the touch bar then you can install in your any mac running MacOS Sierra Beta. It’s not a hardware installation. You can use the touch bar app in your MacOS. It will open the touch bar on your screen and you can use it. It will open up all the functions of the original touch bar into your screen. A new hack has posted on Github which lets you use the Touch Bar on any Mac, and it’s fully functional. We’ll show you how to get it in this article.


Get the latest version of MacOS

The current latest version is MacOS 10.12.1, but you will need the newest release. You can also install the MacOS Sierra latest beta by registering your mac to Apple Developer Account here with us > And then install the latest built.

Then you can download the newest built of MacOS Sierra from Apple’s website. And then install it on your mac.

How to get the Touch Bar on any Mac

Once you install the latest MacOS Sierra. Then follow this steps to install the new touch bar on any mac.

Step 1: Download the TouchBar app from this link. And unzip the file.

touchbar mac.jpg
Step 2: Put the TouchBar app in your application folder.
Step 3: Just open it.
Step 4: Now press the “fn” key on your keyboard. Now see Magic !
Step 5: You will see the TouchBar on your screen. And Now you can use it.

By using the touch bar, you will get all the functions working like the real touch bar on the new MacBook. However, you won’t get the new OLED Touch bar. Apart from that, everything is just perfect. You will love using Siri, and especially the Emoji’s from the touch bar. It’s truly beautiful and amazing.

Watch the video tutorial here:

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