Apple is discontinuing their Airport Routers

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According to a new report, Apple has reportedly discontinued its AirPort range of WiFi routers and reassigned all engineers from that team to other areas of the business. The Airport wireless router are out of updates since a very long time. These routers were really great. I even use Aiport Express and an Airport Extreme. It’s still performing so nicely and i was expecting their at least firmware updates since year but i guess Apple is officially moving forward to kill these beautiful products. In market there are better routers with more functionality at less price.
It’s also being said that the decision to abandon wireless routers as a product has been ongoing for some time within the company, with a number of the engineers assigned to those teams being reallocated to the Apple TV product team over the last 12 months.

Apple may not have publicly announced the move away from wireless routers just yet, but when you look at the current product line it actually dying. No new improvements, No firmware updates, no sign of nothing !

The apple airport routers, i mean all the AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule, hasn’t been updated since 2013, and now it looks as though it isn’t going to be either. It’s an interesting decision for the business considering the “other products” category – which Apple bundles the routers into for earnings calls – generated $11 billion this year. Now that may only be approximately 5% of the company’s overall revenue, but it’s still a notable amount.


Consumers who purchase products like Apple’s AirPort routers are generally more invested in the company’s ecosystem as they require other Apple devices, such as an iPhone or iPad, to perform certain tasks like AirPlaying music. Ensuring that consumers can no longer purchase those routers may mean that certain consumers are tempted to shy away from the purchase of other Apple products. With that said, it would be interesting to see how many individuals actually use an iPhone or a Mac purely because of their router of choice. It seems more logical that they’d change the router rather than their tech stack, especially considering Apple’s AirPorts have never been the most feature-rich products, although they have been some of the most reliable routers we have ever used.

It’s the first product that apple is leaving, they are exiting from a lot of business, earlier this year they left making display and handed over it to LG to produce 5k displays for it’s new Macbook Pro.

We not sure, have not got any news on if they will make new routers of not. They moved their router research team to another product category.

For the time being though, Apple hasn’t made any official announcement regarding the discontinuation of its AirPort range yet, and AirPort routers are still on sale at Apple Stores worldwide. Though that may change soon. You can buy one stil, it’s really worth the value still.

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