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5 iPhone Settings that you should change right now

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I have been using iPhone for a very long time starting from iOS 3.0 to latest iOS 10.2 beta. Every day I am using my iPhone for many purposes. From daily basic needs to professional heavy tasks, I pointed these 5 things that you should change right now on your iPhone. It will make your life much easier with your iPhone. If you have got a new iPhone or even if you are old iPhone user, that doesn’t matter. Here are the 5 things that every iPhone user should change right now to make iPhone more productive and make things easier.

5 iPhone Settings that you should change right now

1. Step up Apple Store to use Touch ID

If you have any iPhone 5S or above then this first change is for you. So let’s start with getting the most out of the touch ID feature. When you want to download an App from the App Store, then it will ask you for your Apple ID password, it’s really a hassle and sometimes really annoying to type your password every time. You can get rid of it by adding touch id to App Store. Then you can just use to touch ID and avoid typing your password. Follow this steps –


  • Open Settings and Tap on Touch ID & Passcode
  • Enter your 4 digit/6 digit passcode
  • Toggle iTunes & App Store to ON*
  • You’ll be asked to enter your Apple ID passcode associated with your iTunes account
  • Now when you purchase an app from the App Store or movie, music or books for the iTunes Store, all you need is to verify using Touch ID. No more typings ! Phew..

Pro tip for this: You can stop App Store to ask for your password / touch id for downloading free apps. You can get this function by turning off settings. Just go to Settings > iTunes and App Store > Require Password (Turn it Off).

2. Add multiple fingerprints in Touch ID & Passcode

If you have only added one thumbprint then you are missing it out. You can add multiple fingerprints on your iPhone. It’s better to have multiple fingerprints.

  • Settings > Touch ID & Passcode
  • In Fingerprints, Add a Fingerprint
  • Now add your finger, you can also enter a name for that finger.
  • Done. Enjoy using multiple fingers for unlocking your iPhone.

3. Add and Customize widgets in Notification Center

If you are a widget lover, then you will be happy to know that, from iOS 9 iPhone supports widgets. In iOS 10, using widgets went to next level. Now you can add many widgets starting from Apple News, Video app and even more. Adjust the widgets in iOS 10 the way you want.

  • For that in iOS 10, Just open the Notification Center.
  • Swipe left, There you will see the widgets.
  • Now edit and enjoy.

4. Turn off Messages repeat alert


I swear, for me, this is the most annoying thing in iPhone. I really really hate that when I get alerts twice for a stupid or useless messages. I just don’t want my iPhone to alert me twice for messages. If you are like me, then follow this steps to turn this most annoying feature in iPhone

  • Open Settings and tap on Notifications
  • Tap on Messages
  • Scroll down and where it says Repeat Alerts, change to ‘Never’

5. Change Cellular Data Settings

If you are not using any Cellular data plans then this thing can cost you a lot of money. If you don’t use wifi then you should buy data plans or packages from your Sim card provider / Cellular network company. Like buying 2GB, 5GB data packs or unlimited data packs etc. (Example: Buying 3G / LTE packs from Grameen Phone network). Anyways, even you have purchased data packs or you’re on a data plan, or even if you are not using data plans – you still should change the Celluar data settings for apps, it will save you a lot of data and money also.


Go to Settings > Cellular and Toggle Apps on/off in the Cellular Data Uscellular-togleage Section.
Just turn the apps off which you don’t want to use your Cellular data.
For example, I don’t want Apple Music to use my Cellular data. So I turned it off.
When I am in wifi, Apple music will work. Ohh… don’t worry you can always play your downloaded music even if you turn off Apple Music in cellular data. That has nothing to do with that.

These are 5 tips for every iPhone User. If you have more useful tips then you can let us know by emailing us. Hope these helps you. Thanks.

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