Apple removed their legendary startup sound from the new macs

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Apple has killed their legendary Startup Charm sound in the new MacbookPro. The first time when you open your new MacBook pro you will find out that they turn on themselves. No need to turn them on. When you open your mac it will auto boot and turn on itself. It’s quick and really fast.

This means your new MacBook won’t blare out said startup chimes when it’s opened up in public places or mid-meeting. According to Apple, the automatic start-up (as in, not from sleep mode), kicks in when you start up your MacBook Pro by opening it or plugging it in, when connecting it to power while the lid is open, and even when it’s closed if you’ve connected the machine to an external display.

Apple has updated all the details in the Apple Support Note and added it brings (at least part of) the MacBook series in line with the rest of the Apple product family: there’s not start up noise on iPhones, iPads or the Apple Watch.

And here’s all those startup chimes, all in a row. Check it for the last time as you will really miss them in future. I am really going to miss this charm sound .. the DANGGGG…. sound.

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