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iOS 10.1 (Beta 4) is released now for the iPhone 7 Plus with the new portrait mode

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Apple has released the fourth iOS 10.1 beta which includes the Portrait camera for iPhone 7 Plus that applies a DSLR-like blur effect over photos using the dual lens system. iOS 10.1 beta 4 is available to registered developers. The fourth beta is also available to public beta testers on iOS 10.1 today. And Apple has also released the iOS 10.0.3 for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus which fixes cellular connectivity issues. If you want to get all the new upcoming features of iOS 10.1 right away that includes Boken feature for the new iPhone 7 Plus then register your iPhone to Apple Developer Account here and then you can install any iOS 10.x beta versions for 1 year.

Portrait mode is a feature that was demonstrated at Apple’s keynote earlier this month, but the major new feature wasn’t ready for primetime when the iPhone 7 Plus initially launched. Portrait still isn’t in the release versions of iOS, but the developer and public betas released last month include a beta version of the feature which works well already.

Aside from Portrait mode, we noted the changes includes in the first beta last month:

There’s a new toggle setting in Accessibility called Auto-play Message Effects. This is related to Reduce Motion disabling Messages bubble and screen effects but the functionality does not seem to be implemented yet.

According to the developer release notes, iOS 10.1 includes a fix for motion handling. Developers will be able to access barometric pressure data for iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro.

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