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What you can expect on ” See you on the seventh ” event along with new iPhone 7

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It’s official — Apple’s big iPhone 7 reveal is slated for Wednesday, September 7 in San Francisco at the Bill Graham Civic Center. Well, we all are waiting for the tomorrow’s great event. Apple is going to fulfill our wishes once again with the new iPhone and hopefully more exciting this. So here I am writing this article on what to expects from tomorrow special event ” See you on Seventh ” which is also the 10 years anniversary of the iPhone release. We have earlier summed up all the details of leaked iPhone and price,  release date and features to expect in our last article, if you haven’t read that yet, then read that here > 

What to expect from ‘Apple’s See you on Seventh’ Event

iPhone 7
Now this is time for the new iPhone release. We all have waited so long for this. Now in less than 24 hours you will see the new iPhone 7. WoW ! I am super excited. Apple will use its September event to focus on the next generation iPhones, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Rumors suggest the iPhone 7 will keep the same form factor of the existing iPhone 6 hardware with several key modifications under the hood to improve the performance of the handset. Expected changes in the hardware include a faster A10 processor, a higher capacity battery and repositioned antenna lines that’ll reduce cellular connectivity interference. Check out last article on iPhone 7 leaked information.

To make up for the same design, Apple will offer the new iPhones in two new different shades of black: glossy and dark. The new colors will replace the space gray offering from Apple, though a black iPhone is definitely going to please a lot of people.

Apple also may boost the water-proofing on the phone, bumping it up to an IPX7 rating that allows the phone to be submerged in  up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.  Other modifications include the removal of the headphone jack, the addition of a new home button with haptic feedback, a larger camera sensor with a wider aperture for low light photography and the addition of dual cameras to the photo-centric iPhone 7 Plus model.

Apple Watch 2
Not Sure what to do when Apple 2 is released, i mean what will i do with my current Apple Watch. Time to sell it or to keep it ? What you guys will do with your Apple Watch 1 when the 2 released. Let me know in the comment sections. The second generation Watch is expected to see several key improvements that address some of the shortcomings of the first generation Watch. The flagship features of the Apple Watch 2 likely will be GPS support  which will improve both fitness tracking and navigation, and better waterproofing so owners possibly can wear the Watch while swimming or showering. Other enhancements may include a faster processor  and greater battery capacity, which could be boosted by as much as 35 percent due to the inclusion of a 334 mAh battery. The sizing for the Watch 2 (38 and 42 mm) and the form factor is expected to stay the same as the current Apple Watch hardware.

iOS 10 gold master and WatchOS 3 (GM)
iPhone 7 will come with the iOS 10. Apple has already released the iOS 10 beta on the WWDC’16. Now it’s on the 8th beta tomorrow now. Apple will release the iOS 10 Gold Master (GM) edition. If you want then you can also install the iOS 10 GM & WatchOS 3 (GM) on your iPhone and Apple Watch by registering your device to Apple Developer Account here right now >

Lightning EarPods OR Wireless AirPods
As we found earlier that, the new iPhone will not have the earphone port. That means that either you have to use Bluetooth headphones or the headphones will be connected to your lightning ports. One of the of the most significant changes that may debut in the iPhone 7 is the removal of the headphone port on the handset. If Apple does remove the 3.5mm jack from the bottom of the device, then it will have to rework the ear buds it ships with the phone. Instead of the typical 3.5mm headset, rumors suggest Apple may be working on a lightning version of its popular white ear buds that will be bundled with al new iPhone 7 handsets.  It’s also possible the company may release a wireless version of its ear buds, dubbed Air Pods, that will be available as an optional accessory.

MacBook Pro
Upgrades to the MacBook Pro are long overdue leading many to speculate Apple may use the September event to take the wraps off some new Mac hardware, but Apple guru Jim Dalrymple and others squashed that rumor before it could gain momentum. Writing at Loop Insight, Dalrymple points out that Apple likely will use its September event to focus on the iPhone and iPhone-related products. “If there is a distraction,” writes Dalrymple, “it would be for the release of iOS, which is complementary to the iPhone. Macs don’t fit in there at all.”

iPad Pro
Apple is expected to release a second-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but the exact date of its unveiling in unknown. Last year, Apple used its September event to unveil the iPad Pro tablet alongside the iPhone 6 and may choose to do the same thing again this year. It’s also possible Apple may use this event to focus on the iPhone 7 and likely will wait to show off the iPad at a separate event. In previous years, Apple has held an October event that detailed its iPad lineup.

macOS Sierra (Gold Master Release)
Similar to iOS 10, Apple officially unveiled its desktop operating system, macOS Sierra, during its Worldwide Developers’ Conference held earlier this year. Because this September event likely will focus on the iPhone and iOS, we do not expect Apple to release any new information about Sierra. These details likely will be revealed when the company refreshes its MacBook Pro or iMac line later this year. If you want to install the macOS Sierra on your mac now then register your mac to Apple Developer Account here >

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