How to prepare mac for installing macOS Sierra

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macOS is the world’s most advanced operating system. It’s far more productive and faster than any windows. It’s only can be installed in macintosh hardware, means you won’t be able to install it on your windows PCs. However, using the Virtual box and other Hackintosh methods it can be installed in a PC but it still it won’t be same as you have it on a mac. macOS Sierra is really beautiful and will enhance your world flow and take it to next level. Apple improved the OS X El capital and added new features like Unlocking your mac from Apple Watch, Continuity, Universal copy-paste and iWorks just got better and better. If you should update your mac to macOS Sierra. The most amazing thing on macOS Sierra is ” SIRI “. Now you will be able to use Siri on your macs. It’s really great.Apple has already released the macOS Sierra Gold Master Edition 2 developers a few days ago, Which is the final version of macOS Sierra. To install it you need to register your mac to an Apple Developer Account. You can register your mac to our Apple Developer Account for a year > and install it right away now.

Apple will officially release the macOS Sierra to the public today (20th September 2016). Means, It will be available in the App Store for a straight forward update. You will just need your Apple ID and a mac to install it over.

How to prepare your mac for installing macOS Sierra

There are two ways you can install the macOS sierra on your macs. The first method is a Clean fresh installation using a bootable macOS Sierra USB. You will need an 8GB per drive and the macOS Sierra installation file and a mac to make it a bootable USD and then install it. Another easy way is just to download the macOS Sierra from App Store in your mac and just click on it to install it over your current OS X. We will always recommend you to have a clean installation, it’s better to start everything fresh.
So we are going to provide you some guidelines here on how to prepare your macs to install macOS Sierra.
Let start with letting your know if your mac is capable of install the macOS Sierra or not. It’s a good news for some people and also sad news for some people who won’t be able to install the Sierra. According to Apple website, these macs will support macOS Sierra:

MacBook (Late 2009 or newer)
MacBook Pro (Mid 2010 or newer)
MacBook Air (Late 2010 or newer)
Mac mini (Mid 2010 or newer)
iMac (Late 2009 or newer)
Mac Pro (Mid 2010 or newer)

So be sure that, your mac is one of them and continue to read this article. Even if your mac doesn’t support the Sierra, then also read this guideline and save this page as you will always need this instruction before you install any OS X / MacOS.

Check your Storage Space:

You need to have at least 25GB of Free space to install the macOS Sierra on your mac. You can check this at by clicking on the Apple Logo on your title bar and click on About Mac. And then click on Storage.
So if you don’t have that much of free space then just delete some unused files or copy some large applications/movies/files to your pen drive. We will recommend you to have Time machine backup. So that’s the first thing you should do before even deleting anything.

Create a backup of everything in Time Machine:

Time machine backup is the best thing that Id love in a mac. You actually never lose a single date if you have a time machine backup enabled. It’s not like you need to buy a time capsule, or Apple Airport extremes to have a time machine backup. You can simply put any external hard disk on your mac and set it for a time machine backup. It’s so easy. Just Format the HDD into mac journal format.
Open up the System Preferences and go to Time Machine. And turn ON automatic time machine backup.

Once you create the backup then you are all set for the update and now just wait for Apple to update the macOS on the App Store or register your mac UDID to Apple Developer Account here > and download and install the macOS Sierra from iAppleStuffs Download Section.And today the world is will try to download the macOS Sierra from the App Store. So the download speed might be slow today. But slowly it will be fine. So don’t get panic. Apple won’t let you down.

Downgrade from macOS Sierra

If you don’t like the new macOS Sierra after the installation or if you feel like your mac is running slow in the macOS then you can always go back to OS X El Capitan or Mavericks / Mountain Lion.

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