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Apple Just Released the macOS Sierra. Here’s whats new and Download it now from the App Store

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So today we earlier posted an Article on  How to prepare your mac for installing macOS Sierra, be sure check that article first before continuing this article.

Today Apple released the world’s most advanced operating system “macOS Sierra” (Version 10.12). making the latest Mac operating system available for free to all Mac users around the world. Apple seeded eight betas of macOS Sierra and multiple versions of the golden master before its official launch.

This time, macOS Sierra (10.12), which follows OS X Yosemite (10.10) and OS X El Capitan (10.11), features a new name that brings it in line with Apple’s other operating systems, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. The update focuses heavily on introducing new features to better integrate with the iPhone and Apple Watch and improve user experience.

macOS Sierra brings Siri to the Mac, allowing users to some conduct voice searches to find files through Siri, look up information, and more, with the ability to pin searches to the Notification Center for continual monitoring. This made your life much easier. There are new Continuity features including an “Auto Unlock” option for unlocking a Mac with an Apple Watch, and a “Universal Clipboard” option for copying text on one Apple device and pasting it on another.

Apple Pay is coming to the web in macOS Sierra, with payments authenticated through an iPhone or Apple Watch, and new features like multiple tabs, Picture in Picture multitasking, optimized storage, and revamped emoji are also available.

What’s New in macOS Sierra

Let’s Start with SIRI

Yes ! Now you have Siri on your mac just like you have it on your iPhone,iPads. Apple’s voice assistant finally coming to the Mac is the headlining new feature. You can ask Siri questions about your Mac, control Finder, and do many of the same things that you can do on Siri everywhere else without interrupting your work on the Mac.
Siri does have some limitations on the Mac, though. There’s no HomeKit support yet and podcast control isn’t quite ready. It is fun to send messages and set reminders with Siri on the Mac and controlling or asking about your hardware is pretty clever. You can even pin Siri queries to the Today view for easy reference.
Auto Unlock
This is the BEST FEATURE of macOS Sierra. I just simply love it. macOS Sierra testers have been saying that Auto Unlock makes wearing an Apple Watch worth it. Just wear your Apple Watch with watchOS 3 and you can skip your log in. It saves a lot of time. It’s actually better than using MacID type applications. Though i also still use MacID for some other reasons.

Apple Pay

If you have iPhone 6 or later running iOS 10 or an Apple Watch with watchOS 3, you can actually check out with websites on your Mac using Apple Pay in Safari is skip the process of filling out your billing and shipping information. You can test Apple Pay on the web with and plenty of other sites are already offering Apple’s mobile payment service at checkout.
When you select Apple Pay at checkout, your iPhone or Apple Watch will ask you to verify the transaction then the whole process is complete. It’s very fast and very convenient.

iCloud Drive

Now you can use iCloud instead of Dropbox also. Whatever is in your desktop and documents it will be available in all your Apple devices also across your iCloud account. If you pay for upgraded iCloud storage (or just don’t have much to sync), iCloud Drive on macOS Sierra lets you set your desktop and documents folders to sync. The benefit is that you can see your desktop across multiple Macs and on iOS and the web with the iCloud Drive app and

iTunes 12.5

New itunes, new interface and new Looks ! Go for Musics, Follow this article to use Apple Music free for life time. Apple recently released an updated version of iTunes that overhauls the Apple Music experience similar to the changes on iOS 10. macOS Sierra includes the latest version of iTunes out of the box.


You need iOS 10 to unlock the full potential of iMessage with features like drawing, stickers, and screen effects, but macOS Sierra has some new Messages smart included. Emoji are much larger now, you can use Tapback to react to specific messages, and rich inline previews show you URLs, tweets, video embeds, and more without you having to click.
You can also view a lot of the new Messages effects like invisible ink, handwritten messages, and stickers, although you can’t create these from the Mac and iMessage apps aren’t supported. Screen effects like fireworks and balloons are sadly reduced to parenthetical descriptions for now too.

Optimized Storage

If you’re running low on space or just want to put your Mac to work, macOS Sierra includes some new Optimize Storage options that let you manage your data smarter on a low capacity drive. For example, you can set your trash can to empty after 30 days or look for large files that you may want to delete. If you use iCloud, you can also allow macOS Sierra to offload rarely used files from your local storage if you run out of disk space.

Photos & Memories

Agree that, you most of the time / never check back your old photos that you took once upon a time. Now apple has given you new options and you will love seeing your old photos back. Apple’s built-in Photos app continues to get smarter with macOS Sierra thanks to a new face recognition engine, the ability to search for objects and scenery, view your faces by location, and more. There’s even a new Memories feature similar to iOS 10, although videos aren’t supported on the Mac for some reason. The latest version of Photos also includes various enhancements throughout the app like mousing over a collection to view what’s inside and tweaked editing controls.

Picture in Picture Pan mode

iOS 9 introduced picture in picture to the iPad last year and now macOS Sierra is bringing it to the Mac. This lets you watch videos in Safari in a pop out window that floats over your other active windows. You can option-click  and drag windows to any part of the display which isn’t currently possible on iPad.

Safari Tabs

You probably use tabs the most in Safari or Chrome, and Finder gained tabs in a recent OS X update. Now macOS Sierra is making tabs easier for all applications and adding the tab feature to built-in apps like Maps and TextEdit. Three cheers for window management.

Universal Clipboard

Finally, we have universal clipboard which is a pretty ambition feature. You’re clipboard can sync between Macs, iPhone, and iPad so you can copy a line of text on your Mac and paste it in Messages on your iPhone. The clipboard expires after a couple of minutes so you can’t accidentally paste something that you copied hours ago or get your clipboards confused. When it works (most of the time) it’s really impressive and useful. The hardest part is remembering that such an invisible feature is there. i love this feature the most.

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