How to use Apple Music free for lifetime without any credit card, Tricks and tips

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Apple Music is taking the music industry. It’s affordable and great. Their biggest competitor is Spotify. but Apple music takes your music experience to next level with the iOS 10. It’s much better than the Spotify. Anyways here i am going give you some tricks and hacks for your Apple Music and how to use it free for life time without any credit card or spending any money for it. But you’ll need to spend a bit as you know all great things in this world is not free but at some point it’s free 😉

Apple Music Tips and Tricks and Hacks

Let’s begin with the first thing first on how to get apple music free for life time without any credit card. So lets get started

How to get Apple Music free for lifetime without credit card

So Apple music is totally new in the market. Just born with iOS 8.4. And best news is that, Apple is giving you the 3 month free trial to use the Apple Music for free. but as you already know that the great things in this world are not truly free. So according to Apple if you want to use Apple Music 3 month free trial also. You will need you have atleast $9.99 +tax almost $11.49 USD something in your Apple ID. And i am assuming that most of you don’t have this balance. but you will need to have this balance to get the free trial. So follow this steps
Step 1: Create an Apple ID free >
Step 2: Buy a $15 USD Apple iTunes gift card from the App Store only, you can buy it from iAppleStuffs by paying $18 through PayPal worldwide. (Contact us Through email to get it).
Step 3: Open the Settings > iTunes & App Store & Sign it to your Apple ID.
Step 4: Open the App Store app and scroll down to redeem until you see it and then redeem the iTunes gift card on your account. And you will have $15 on your account.
Step 5: Now open the MUSIC app and signup for the 3 months trial.
Apple will not charge you until the 3 months gets over and you can cancel the auto-renewal. Now what about the $15 which you have on your account? You can spend it to buy apps/games whatever. But you don’t need to pay it for the Apple Music. Just be sure that you cancel the auto-renewal from your Apple music account then you will not be charged else they will cut the first-month fee after your 3 months trial ends.
So how do you get it free for a lifetime after the 3 months free trial gets over. It’s simple.
Just create another new Apple ID and use an iTunes gift card and get the 3 months trial again; Just follow from step 1 again. Done and it’s legal what you are doing. 🙂
How to get Spotify Premium for Free:
If you don’t like Apple Music, then Spotify is your next option. Now you can get the Spotify premium for free forever on your iPhone and Android. It doesn’t require any gift card also. Follow this article to get Spotify premium for free >

Listen to Beats 1 playlists off the air

If 24-hour live radio station Beats 1 is giving you a serious case of FOMO because you keep missing all the great parts, like Zane Lowe’s first hour spinning music on the station or St. Vincent’s Mixtape Delivery Service, don’t worry—you can listen to them later. The easiest way to do this is by using Connect to follow Beats 1’s curators, like hosts Ebro Darden, Julie Adenuga, and Lowe, or a specific artist’s show, like the Mixtape Delivery Service. Within hours of airing, the playlists from those shows will be available to stream.
You can also search for Beats 1 in the search bar and playlists from Darden, Adenuga, and Lowe will pop up in the results under Playlists, but you’ll miss out shows hosted by your favorite artists. Alternatively, open the Radio tab, tap the big Beats logo (but not the Listen Now button), and then scroll down past the schedule to see the Featured Shows, and tap any you find interesting to Follow them and see the past shows as playlists.

Steam a song to wake up alarm:

Now you can select a song for your alarm sound by Apple Music.

Make SIRI your music guide

Apple music and Siri are the best pairs ever. Now When you’re listening to an amazing song, Open siri say, “Play more like this one,” to create an immediately personalized playlist tailored right to your mood.

Sing along and enjoy lyrics free on notification center

Just Download the MusixMatch app from the App Store and it on notification center widgets and it will show the lyrics on the songs that is currently playing on the Apple Music. Its great and this app is free you can get it from the App Store or here >

Get iOS 10.3 Beta / iOS 11 beta / watchOS 3 Beta

Apple has released the iOS 11 beta, watchOS 3 beta, and macOS Sierra betas. If you want to install then on your device now then you can register your iPhone/AppleWatch/iPad to Apple Developer Account here and enjoy the iOS 10 right now.

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