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How to fix Apple Watch Pairing issue after a reset

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Apple Watch has taken over the market within just few months. It was a complete new product in the pipeline. Now most of us have an Apple Watch. It’s actually changing life. There are many stories how apple watch has improved our lives. Now it’s like you wear it everyday and can’t live without it. It’s just that great.

We do face problems in iPhone, AppleWatch, iPad. And the common thing we do is just, Reset the iPhone. And most cases now, we do Reset all Settings, That is from Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings. After the restart things becomes fine for many of the users and meets their need and sometimes don’t and leaves you with few unwanted problems.

So we today we will teach you how easily to fix one of that unwanted problem, that is HOW TO Connect (Pair) your Apple watch again with your iPhone and make it working just like was working before the restart.

How to fix Apple Watch Pairing issue after a reset

So whatever the reason you had and you had reset the settings and ended up with Apple watch not paired with your iPhone anymore though it shows connected but it’s not working, you are not getting notifications, calls on your watch.
The easiest solution is to unpair your apple watch again and pair it back again. So to do this follow up these steps bellow, make sure that you have 50% and more charge in your AW:
Step 1: Go to Settings app in your Apple Watch.
Step 2: Go to General > Reset > Erase all contents & Settings Apple Watch.
Step 3: Now let it finish resetting and taking resetting. it will take time, maybe 10 minutes.
Step 4: After that, just open up the Apple Watch app in your iPhone.
Step 5: Now pair it again with your iPhone 
And you are done. Now it will work back again just like it’s suppose to work. Thanks.
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