How to: "Enable Hey" Siri on Mac running macOS Sierra
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How-To: Enable hands-free ‘Hey Siri’ on Mac running macOS Sierra

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World is moving towards artificial intelligence. Siri was first introduced in iPhone 4S and since then everyone was waiting for it to be released for mac. Now after so long this year in WWDC2016 apple has introduced and released the developer versions of iOS 10, WatchOS 3, macOS Sierra. Now good and best news is Siri is now available in macOS Sierra. Once you update your mac to macOS Sierra you will find that SIRI is there.

iOS 10 is the best mobile operating system, it was the best iOS ever apple has built. I’m so happy to use iOS 10, it just gives a new life to your iPhone. The performances are just so great and faster than ever. The animations are so buttery smooth and every new feature of iOS 10 is just amazing. If you want to update your iPhone/AppleWatch/Mac to iOS 10/WatchOS 3/macOS Sierra beta’s now and you have to register your iPhone,iPad,AppleWatch, Macs to Apple Developer account which ever you want to update. You can register your iPhone/AppleWatch/Mac to Apple Developer Account here > and update to any iOS 10.2 beta, watchOS 3 beta and macOS Sierra for 1 year.

We all love Hey Siri feature. If you don’t know about it then you should enjoy this feature right away on your iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus. Just say Hey Siri and it will open up siri handfree. And you can start using siri, ask her anything, she’s your virtual assistant.

Once I had installed Sierra on my MacBook Pro, I immediately took to using Siri within the first few days. Unfortunately, that wore off quickly as engaging the keyboard shortcut didn’t feel as nice as just being able to say “Hey Siri”. I’m not sure why Apple didn’t implement vocal activation for the assistant on the Mac.

Thanks a person in Reddit, and 9to5mac for sharing this trick with us which lets you use Hey Siri handfree on mac also. Just easy & Simple.

How to use Hey Siri on Mac
Make sure that, your mac is running on macOS Sierra. Else you won’t find Siri in your mac. It’s only for macOS Sierra. So lets get started to handsfree SIRI

Step 1: Launch System Preferences.

Step 2: Head to Accessibility –> Dictation.

Step 3: Check off Enable the dictation keyword phrase.

Step 4: In the field directly below, replace any of the current text with simply ‘Hey’

Step 5: Select Dictation Commands.

Step 6: Check off Enable advanced commands.

Step 7: Hit the to add a new command.

Step 8: Change everything to match the following details

When I say: Siri
While using: Any Application
Perform: Open “”
Under the Perform option, select Open Finder Items… and select to open Siri found inside your Applications folder

And now you are almost done. Now whenever you’d like to call up Siri, regardless of your configured keyboard shortcut, you can simply say “Hey Siri.”
Note: Adding ‘Hey’ into the dictation keyword phrase field is what initiates the Dictation tool to begin listening to a future command. Adding ‘Siri’ to the When I say field links that as a command to be followed by the Dictation tool. If you find yourself accidentally activating other Hey Siri devices nearby, you could try switching the commands around to something like “Okay Siri” or “Hello Siri.” If after enabling everything you find it’s not working, try disabling Siri and the dictation keyword phrase, and then reenabling them.

As we’re only on beta 2 of Sierra at this point, the possibilities of introducing Hey Siri functionality is still there. Use this trick to enjoy Hey Siri on Mac until it’s officially out.And if you don’t like the macOS Sierra then you can also downgrade it back to OS X El Capitan. Follow this article for downgrading your mac back to OS X El capital / Yosemite from macOS Sierra.

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