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20 things to make your life easier with iPhone, iPad , iPod touch

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We all use iPhone and iPads everyday for our daily purpose, it’s like a basic need now. I can’t even remember when was the last time i did spent a day without my iPhone/ Apple Watch and iPad and Macbook. Daimn ! So addicted … but i love it, i know you do too. It makes us more productive and make the life much easier.

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20 iPhone life hacks:

Add Extension – You can add an extension to the phone number you’re calling by dialing the number and holding down “*” until you see a comma, then dial in the extension and tap call.
No Read Receipt – If you have read receipts on, but you don’t want the person to know that you read the message, you can check it in the notification center and it won’t send a read receipt.
Hidden Field Test App – If you want a more granular look at your cell coverage, you can type in *3001#12345#* into the phone app and call it to show a hidden Field Test app. At the top in your status bar you’ll see a negative number. This number represents your signal. The closer to 0 the number is the better the signal is. This app also has a ton of other technical information for you to explore (if you can understand it).
Tons of Smileys – Adding the Chinese Simplified Pinyin QWERTY keyboard will give you a ton of awesome smiley faces that you’re sure to use when texting. Tap on Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard and add Chinese Simplified Pinyin QWERTY. Now, in your keyboard switch your keyboard, tap the 123 button, then “#+=” button, then the ^_^ button above the spacebar. This will show you a ton of different smileys and you can tap on the arrow on the right to expland to show them all full screen!
Easily Track a Package – Tracking packages can be a pain. But, you can actually copy and paste UPS, USPS, FedEx tracking numbers in Notes app and tap to track your package.
No Ads in Games – Playing games is fun, but watching ads in games isn’t. Instead of paying to get rid of the ads, you can get rid of them for free. Just swipe up on the control center and turn on airplane mode and continue playing your games ad free.
Amplify iPhone Speakers – Pretty much every iPhone use plays music on their device, but if you don’t have headphones, they aren’t too loud. If you want to amplify the sound, just stick your iPhone in a cup (speakings facing down) to make the iPhone louder
Fast charge your iPhone – If you are ever in a pinch and need to charge your device as fast as possible. Plug in your device and put it in airplane mode. And if you want to charge it even faster, just turn off your iPhone completely.
Autocorrect tip – Some words are spelled the same, but have different meanings. Sometimes it’s hard for autocorrect to decipher which word you’re wanting to use. So if the word has an apostrophe in it, you can just use a little trick. For example, if you type “were” but you meant “we’re” instead of going back and correcting it, you can just duplicate the last letter of the word (weree) and it will autocorrect to “we’re”.
Change Panorama direction – In the photos app, you can switch the way you pan the panorama just by tapping on the arrow.
Find your IMEI number – If you ever need your IMEI number (this is tied to your network) you can grab it by calling this number “*#06”. This can be used if your device gets stolen, you can give your IMEI number to the carrier and they will blacklist the device so it cannot be used.
Custom Vibrations – Add custom vibrations by going into Settings > Sounds and tap on ringtone, text tone, etc. and tap on “Vibration”. At the bottom you’ll be able to create your own custom vibration by tapping and holding on the screen.
Use Headphones for Pictures – If you don’t have a selfie stick yet (you shouldn’t :D) you can actually plug in your headphones to your iPhone and take selfies with your volume buttons on your headphones.
Tap to Swipe Pages – On the springboard, instead of swiping you can just tap the dots on your iPhone to go to the next or previous page.
Change name Pronunciation – If Siri pronounces your name wrong you can change the way she says it by telling her “Change the pronunciation of my name”. She’ll give you options to choose from after she hears how you pronounce it.
Keyboard Shortcut – To quickly type numbers, rather than tapping on the “123” button on your keyboard, you can tap and hold and drag your finger over a number in order to go directly back to the alpha keyboard after choosing a number.
Check Data Usage – If you’re on the AT&T network, you can call *3282# to get a text message from your carrier on your data usage for that billing cycle.
Finer Scrubbing – Scrubbing on music and videos is a lot easier with this tip. Tap on the scrubber and slide your finger down. The further down you slide your finger, the finer the scrubbing becomes. This makes it much easier to pinpoint the specific spot you’re looking for.
Calculator Tip – In the calculator app, you can swipe left or right after typing in numbers to delete the last number.

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 Video is created by Cody, from iTwe4kz youtube channel.



Record Video while iPhone is Asleep – This is a glitch that could come in pretty useful. If you’re on the lock screen, slide your camera half way up and hold it there. Tap on “Video” and start recording. Once you do that, just hit the home button once and continue to hold your other finger on the screen. Let your device do to sleep while your finger is on the screen. This will allow you to record video while your device is asleep! See the video for a demonstration.


Source: iPhonehacks, Thanks for giving us the valuable information.

Enjoy all these tips ! All these tips will be useful to your at some time, somewhere, some place. Just remember them 🙂

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