‘Universal Clipboard’ for macOS Sierra & iOS 10: How does it work ?

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In our life, we use Copy-paste every day. Now if you are living in an Apple ecosystem then-then universal Clipboard is a blessing for you. A useful addition to Continuity in both macOS Sierra and iOS 10 is the Universal Clipboard, making it easier to shuttle content back and forth between Macs and iOS devices without AirDrop or other workarounds. In easy words, Now you can just copy on Mac and paste it on iPhone,iPad running iOS 10 and Vise-Versa.

How does Universal Clipboard work:
This is the simplest thing ever that anyone can do. And plus it’s one of the most wanted features in iOS and MacOS. We use Copy paste a lot. Now Apple just nailed the Copy-paste system in their devices.

It’s really easy to use the Universal Clipboard function in iOS 10 and macOS sierra. All you need to do is just Copy something on your iPhone/Mac/iPad and then you can paste it on your Mac/iPhone/iPad. that’s all. Right now you might not find these feature helpful but throughout the course of time, you will understand how easier you life because just of this small function.

Various third-party apps have offered the same feature over the years, but native inclusion by Apple should make it easier to use.

Apple has released iOS 10 beta, WatchOS 3 beta on WWDC this June 13th. iOS 10 has tons of new great features and it’s 10x better and faster and more buttery smooth than the current latest iOS 9.3.2 and also from the iOS 93.3 beta. If you are interested in getting iOS 10 beta right now on your iPhone then simply register your iPhone,iPad,iPod to Apple Developer Account here > and install the iOS 10.

Check out the video tutorial of the Universal Clipboard of macOS Sierra:

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The final version of macOS 10.12 Sierra will be release on this Fall. But you can get it now by registering your device to Apple Developer Program.

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