Now you can withdraw money from ATM using Apple Pay

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Apple pay is a huge change that is taking payment systems inside your iPhone. It’s changing the industry. It’s making your life much much easier. Now you can withdraw money from ATM using Apple Pay on your iPhone.

Bank of America was working on supporting the ability to withdraw cash from an ATM using Apple Pay. Now, it appears the bank is rolling that feature out in select markets. A Reddit user first, noticed that, Bank of America is outfitting some of its ATMs with Apple Pay support and the ability to withdraw cash using it.

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The Reddit user noticed the new ATM in a building in Redondo Beach, California. As you can see in the images, the ATM is outfitted with the NFC reader and logo that Apple Pay users have become used to seeing since the service launched. The NFC reader is located directly to the left of the card reader, although unlike the card reader, the NFC reader does not light up.

Bank of America is highlighting the new feature heavily on supported ATMs, telling users that they are now able to get cash from the machine using their smartphone. When the smartphone is tapped on the NFC logo, users are prompted to enter their PIN number and are then taken to a screen that’s familiar to anyone that has ever used an ATM before. The one difference, however, is that deposits are not supported when using the ATM with Apple Pay.

It’s also worth noting that this feature only works with Bank of America cards, not any other bank. If you try to use another bank’s card via Apple Pay at the Bank of America ATM, the machine will apparently display an error right before dispensing your cash. Also, be sure to keep in mind that Bank of America is rolling this feature out slowly and even machines that show NFC support aren’t actually updated to support Apple Pay yet.

Other banks will also support this feature soon and in many Countries it will be available soon. Stay tuned for latest updates of Apple.

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