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My experience with iOS 10 beta

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I am an Apple Freak. I am always up to date with the latest stuffs of Apple and i always update to the latest beta versions asap it’s released and i love this. Same happened this time also, I just fall in love with iOS 10 beta version.

It’s been like 2 days that i have updated to iOS 10 beta on my iPhone 6s, and installed the macOS Sierra on my Macbook Pro 13′ retina (Late 2013). So here i am going to share my experience of using the iOS 10 and on the next article, I will share the experience of macOS sierra.

My Experience of using iOS 10 beta:

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So yeah ! It’s day #3, and i am still loving the iOS 10. Apple was right it enhanced the iOS user experience. I haven’t seen much changes in iOS since the release of iOS 8, iOS 9 was not that great like this time what we have got in iOS 10. It’s truly amazing and awesome.
The first thing i loved, is the Animation, if you are using iOS 10 then you already know what i am talking about in case if you didn’t update yet then you just love the animation in iOS 10. Starting from Home Screen to going inside Settings app and closing apps, the animation is just buttery smooth and super fast.
The second thing, Is the New lock Screen. Wait ! Do you know that Now you don’t have to press your lock button anymore or any buttons anymore to turn on the screen? Now all you have to do is just raise your iPhone and it will automatically turn on your screen so that, you can see the time/ notification. It’s a small change, but it makes your life lots easier.
If you haven’t updated to iOS 10 betas yet, then register your iPhone/iPad/iPod to Apple Developer Account here > and install the install the iOS 10 beta on your iPhone and also WatchOS 3 on your Apple Watch.
The third thing is the notifications, on daily use, yeah we do deal with all the notifications. In iOS 10 the notification systems are changed. At first, I left awkward to see the jumbo notifications, but in a day I figured out the usage of 3D touch with the notification and I just loved it.
Spotlight, Notifications, widgets are just great. Now on your lock screen and home screen if you swipe left, then you will see the widgets. Though i am still not using the widgets that much, but I am liking it there.
iMessages: It’s the biggest update on the iOS 10. I never knew that iMessage will become so fantastic on the iOS 10. Now you can pay using iMessage, Share songs, Draw like you draw in Apple Watch can be done in iMessage on your iPhone also. Once you update to iOS 10, and you start using it, you will realize the iMessage changes and improvements and I’m sure that, you will love it. Now you can also pay using iMessage. There is huge updates on Apple Maps and everything is intergreated with the notifications. It’s fabulous.
TouchID is much much much faster in iOS 10, Camera is great. Now in lock screen if you swipe left it will open the camera, In new Control center in iOS 10, you have a new section of Apple Music. And the Apple Music App itself changed. i don’t use apple music app, now i feel like using it.

The things I didn’t like in iOS 10

Every bit of it is amazing but it has some drawbacks, everyone has his/her personal choices, so i also didn’t like some of the things but overall, iOS 10 is all 10 on 10. It’s great.
There no more “Slide to Unlock” on iOS 10. This is something that we are used to from the iPhone 3G iOS 3. It’s skipped on iOS 10. Sometimes i miss it.
The call fails sometimes in ios 10. Not sure if it’s because of my low network carrier or some faults in iOS 10. The call fall like this, it;s just that happens 1 times in a day. hahaha…
If you call someone and the users are busy then in iOS 9, it used to show on the screen that it’s busy. But in iOS 10, it doesn’t show that. As it’s the beta 1 only, more beta’s are coming… so this issues will be fixed later on.
App Crash, I just don’t like it but i can’t help it. I have to wait few days for the apps to get updated to iOS 10 so that, it won’t crash anymore. Not all apps crash in iOS 10. Sometimes, few apps crash. Don;t worry it will be fixed.


iOS 10 is amazing ! I just loved iOS 10 beta ! It’s just great ! If you are also interested in updating to iOS 10 beta, then register your iPhone udid to Apple Developer Account > here and install the iOS 10 beta right now on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.
It’s the only first beta, the final version will be released on this September along with the new iPhone 7.

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