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How to Downgrade macOS Sierra to Mac OS X El Capitan

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Apple recently released macOS 10.12 Sierra, iOS 10 beta, WatchOS 3 beta. macOS is the new name of OS X. Apple has changed it and released the next worlds most advanced operating system macOS. Sierra. It has a lot of features like Apple Pay on the web, Universal Copy and Paste (Check out Universal Clipboard article of macOS Sierra), Picture in Picture, Siri and more, macOS Sierra is undoubtedly the most advanced OS designed to enhance the user experience of Mac, As i am an Apple Freak, I couldn’t help installing macOS Sierra on my Mac in order to test it out a bit early. I always keep myself up to date with all latest release of Apple.

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iOS 10 is just fantastic. The best iOS release ever. But after iOS 10 install i had the same expectation from the macOS Sierra but sadly it’s the opposite. I broke my heart. It’s so slow and buggy now. I will recommend you to control yourself and stay away from updating to macOS Sierra at this moment, until macOS Sierra beta 2 comes out with a fix. But you can update to iOS 10 beta, it’s just amazing.

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At least for now, I’m not quite happy with the macOS Sierra’s performance. Hence, it’s better to go back to OS X El Capitan. Follow the instructions to downgrade back to OS X El Capitan from macOS Sierra.

How to Downgrade from macOS Sierra to Mac OS X El Capitan
First of all, if you have important files, documents in your mac right now, then keep a backup in some Hard drive. Else, forget the files and just go back to El capital and download your stuffs again.

How to Downgrade macOS Sierra to OS X El Capitan

Step #1. First off, you will have to click on Apple icon from top left corner and select Restart.

Step #2. Next up; while the Mac restarts, you have to hold down Command+R.

Step #3. From the OS X Utilities, you need to click Disk Utility followed by Continue.

Step #4. Next, click on Startup Disk followed by Erase.

Step #5. Up next, you have to type in Macintosh HD for the name. (Or anything you like)

Step #6. Finally, you will have to select Mac OS Extended from the Format list and then click on Erase.

After you have erased macOS Sierra, you have to quit Disk Utility and start reinstalling OS X El Capitan.

Reinstall OS X El Capitan on Your Mac
Step #1. From OS X Utilities, you have to click on Reinstall OS X.

Step #2. Next up, click Continue on the OS X El Capitan Installer.

Now, go ahead with the process, agree to the terms & conditions and reinstall it.

Once the process is successfully completed, your Mac will restart.

Restore Data from Time Machine on Mac

After you have downgraded from macOS Sierra to OS X El Capitan, you will need to restore your data from Time Machine.

Step #1. First off, restart your Mac. While your Mac reboots, you need to hold down Command+R.

Step #2. Next, click Restore from Time Machine Backup from the OS X Utilities menu.

Step #3. Click Continue.

Step #4. You have to click Continue again after reading “Restore Your System” page.

Step #5. Select Time Machine Backup and then click Continue.

Step #6. Finally, you will have to select the most recent backup and click Continue.

Now, let the process be completed. Depending on the network speed or amount of data, it will take some good time. Hence, make sure to be patient a bit.

That’s it! Enjoy El capitan, it’s currently more faster and better than the macOS Sierra, hope next beta fixes all the issues.

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