Everything about new iOS 10 Lock Screen and it’s functions

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iOS 10 is a massive update. You will feel like it’s a new iPhone once you update to the iOS 10. Apple has already released the iOS 10 beta on this 13th June 2016 to the developers. In order you update to iOS 10 right now you will have to register your iPhone/iPad to an Apple Developer Account. You can register your iPhone/iPad UDID to Apple Developer Account here > Then update to iOS 10 right now and get all the new iOS 10.x.x beta updates early for next 1 year.

So today i will discuss everything about the new iOS 10 lock screen. It’s one of the new great changes in iOS 10. Starting from fronts, No more Slide to unlock, New notifications center and WIDGETS for iOS 10 direct on your iPhone/iPad.

 The Lock screen in iOS 10 has received a huge amounts of overhaul and a rethinking of its functionality. You will love it more as you get used to of it. So let get into it

Every Function of the new iOS 10 Lock Screen

Bolder font
Apple has definitely scaled back its race to be thin when it comes to font weight. You’ll notice much thicker fonts in apps like the Music app, and you’ll also notice thicker fonts for the Lock screen clock and date.

Slide to unlock switched to Press Home to Unlock
The famous “Slide to unlock”, that’s been an iPhone staple since Steve Jobs revealed it on stage at Macworld in 2007, is no more. Instead, slide to unlock has been replaced by “Press home to unlock”. Pressing the iPhone’s Home button is the key to unlocking your iOS device in iOS 10.

If you have Touch ID enabled, pressing the Home button with a registered fingerprint will cause your device to unlock. If you don’t have Touch ID enabled, then pressing the Home button invokes the passcode screen.

Have you updated your iPhone to iOS 10 yet ? If not then update to iOS 10 beta right now. As it’s released for developers only now but you can also get the new iOS 10 right now by just registering your iPhone to an Apple Developer Account. You can register your iPhone in our Apple Developer Account for just only $15. Click here to register your iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch udid to Apple Developer Account and enjoy the iOS 10 update. At the top of the Lock screen, in the status bar, you’ll notice a lock icon denoting the current status of your iPhone. If the Lock icon is present, that means the device needs to be unlocked first. If the Lock icon is not there, it means that you can unlock the device simply by pressing the Home button. Slide to unlock is no longer a thing in iOS 10, but there are good reasons for that, as you’ll see in the rest of our walkthrough.

Raise to wake* (My most fav feature in iOS 10)
One of the big complaints about the new Touch ID 2 found on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, was that it was just too fast. It was so fast that the slightest touch of the Home button with a registered finger would cause your iOS device to unlock. Normally, speed would be a good thing, but since the Lock screen contains notifications, unlocking the iPhone too fast would cause those notifications to be missed.

With iOS 10, Apple has solved this issue by implementing raise to wake functionality. Just like its name states, merely raising your iPhone will cause it to wake up and display any Lock screen notifications. This means that you no longer have to press a button to view the current time or any pending notifications.

Camera shortcut
Instead of swiping up from the bottom right-hand corner of the Lock screen, accessing the Camera from the Lock screen in iOS 10 is accomplished via a left swipe on the screen. To close the Camera interface, simply press the Home button to head back to the Lock screen

Continuity app shortcuts work the same
You can still launch content from other devices using the Continuity app shortcut located in the bottom left-hand corner of the Lock screen. The Continuity app shortcut is one of the few things that remains unchanged about the Lock screen in iOS 10.

New Notification Center
Users can still access Notification Center directly from the Lock screen by swiping down from the status bar area. Since Notification Center no longer features a so-called Today View, only notifications are shown in Notification Center. If you wish to view widgets, you’ll need to perform a right-swipe gesture on the Lock screen.

But here’s the really cool thing about how the Lock screen works. If you have notifications for certain apps set to not show on the Lock screen, you can still view those notifications via the Notification Center while on the Lock screen, after verifying with Touch ID. When you do so, you’ll see all of your hidden notifications automatically appear.

Lock screen widget

In iOS 10, Widgets play a big role in providing information via app icons (using 3D Touch shortcuts), via the Home screen and Notification Center, and via the Lock screen. To access Lock screen widgets, perform a right swipe on the Lock screen.

Like Today View widgets on older versions of iOS, the widgets on the Lock screen can be added, removed, rearranged, and in some cases, expanded.

The Lock screen widgets interface also features a handy Spotlight search bar, which rests right above the current date and time. Users can utilize 3D Touch gestures on Spotlight suggestions or search results to launch directly into specific areas of your favorite apps right from the Lock screen.

Music controls
The Lock screen music controls look largely familiar, although there are some subtle changes that eagle-eyed users will notice. For starters, everything is slightly bigger. Text is bigger, and the sliders and scrubbers are wider and bigger as well.

The small vertical line on the time scrubber has been replaced by a small ball, and the ball used for the volume scrubber is now slightly larger.

iOS 10 is just amazing. Its blazingly fast and annimations are so buttery smooth. Apple did a great job. Serisouly i’m see such great updates in iOS after so long time. I am happy with iOS 10. It’s just great. if you want to get iOS 10 right now then register your iPhone to Apple Developer Account here and enjoy iOS 10 >


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